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The SUPERNOVEM Virtual Trainer Video: The Supernovem is a workout that works your CORE, shoulders, arms, legs, and burns fat through plyometrics all in one hardcore workout! Play this “virtual trainer” video while doing the workout so you can watch the exercises being done and hear the exercises shouted out.

Get motivated! Burn that fat! Build some sexy arms with the SUPERNOVEM! Preview

supernovem full body workout

supernovem full body workout

Exclusive Printouts: Printable charts of the workouts for you to take wherever you workout.


The Super Awesome 10in30 Circuit Workouts! It’s members only. A bunch of fast-moving, fat-burning, muscle-making workouts that are performed differently from the Lose or Gain plans. In these workouts you do all the reps of each exercise then move on to the next exercise and you don’t rest until you finish the circuit. Then repeat. Perfect if you just finished either the Lose or Gain plans and are looking for an entirely different workout that’s somewhere in between, but is sure to keep the fat off!

10 in 30 Circuit Workouts!

Exercise of the Week: Short videos that showcase new, unique exercises you may not be doing, BUT SHOULD! Beat workout boredom. Fight through plateaus.

Workout of the Week:  New and exciting 30-minute, concentrated, boredom busting, plateau pounding videos that blast fat and build muscle ASAP! These workouts are intended for you to substitute any one of your current workouts. They will keep you looking forward to your workouts, prevent gym boredom, promote muscle confusion, and make sure you are always improving! Park & outdoor workouts are included!

The full 12-Minute-HIIT Workout Video in real time: This is a video that you can play on your laptop, iPad or phone while doing the 12 Minute HIIT, with me doing it along with you! You can watch me to make sure you’re doing the exercises right. I keep time for you so you won’t need a timer and I tell you when to switch, I shout out the next exercise, and I make sure you are PUMPED UP!

My 10-Minute Abs Video in real time: A video that will guide you through an intense, 10-minute abs workout. Just like the 12-minute HIIT video, it’s in real time so you can use it as a timer and a real-time coach guiding you along. (coming soon)

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