100 reps are FUN!

I’ve been doing 100 reps lately. My new Lose 10 lbs in 30 Days plan has a few 100 rep supersets, and I’ve been incorporating them here and there.

A favorite right now is the Push/Pull superset of Pushups/Body Rows. 5 sets, 20 reps each. You can also combine Deep Pushups with Pullups Madness if you so desire.

But make it to 20 no matter what! Even if you have to take a few breathers of no more than 10 seconds. Just DO 20! Then rest after both your sets (pushups, rows) are done. This is a great superset because it works on the antagonist muscles, chest and back. You are pushing straight out in front of you in one set, then pulling yourself up in the same plane on the other.

Following that method, another great superset which you can do right after those are done, is Pullups/Dips. See how they are again moving along the same plane? This time, being a vertical plane; pulling yourself straight up through your shoulders in the Pullup, then pushing yourself up through your ribs in the Dip. Fantastic.

You can do a 100 superset of the first superset , but you can simply go to failure on the second exercise, Pullups/Dips, since these are much harder and you’re already beat from the first superset. Still, you’d do 5 sets. Then, RUN! Running after weight training has been proven the most effective time to burn fat since it takes at least 20 minutes for your body to begin burning fat as fuel for energy. That’s why you shouldn’t run first, it’ll deplete your muscles. HIIT running is the exception, since the concept is that you are running full force with lots of muscle being utilized, so you’re getting a muscle workout at the same time as burning fat. I love HIIT.

My new Lose 10 plan also has a kettlebell swing exercise that I prescribe 100 reps for with only 30 seconds in between. Maximum fat burning! 100 reps might seem like a lot, but it’s always broken down into sets with rests, so you can definitely do it. It feels great when you’re done to know that you just did 100 pushups (deep ones, preferably) and 100 rows, perhaps followed by 100 weighted crunches. <– Impressive, no?

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