Mon, Oct 25: Arm Blasters!

I received my Arm Blaster today. Perfect, because I’m planning on doing Curls around 3 times a week (as well as triceps). If you haven’t tried one, it’s worth getting because it isolates the biceps when doing standing curls. You can actually feel the biceps doing all of the work and you can see it Read more about Mon, Oct 25: Arm Blasters![…]

Fri, Oct 22: 2 weeks of cardio

2 weeks of cardio Today, is the two week mark of doing regular cardio. For the last two months, I hardly did any cardio while I was on the 10 in 30 plan as prescribed. I had done cardio once a week. Now, in the last two weeks, I have done cardio 11 times in Read more about Fri, Oct 22: 2 weeks of cardio[…]

FORM, Damnit! How to do Seated Rows to work out your back

Once again, I saw the “bigger” guys doing Seated Rows¬†today, using their entire upper body weight to pull the weight. And guess what, they might be big, but their muscles are not really showing. Perhaps they’re working out their lower back as well by leaning back. But if you really want to develop your upper Read more about FORM, Damnit! How to do Seated Rows to work out your back[…]

Fantastic workout. Diet: good.

Today, I had a Grand Slam from Denny’s for breakfast. It’s the one where you get to choose your items. I chose the two eggs, ham, hash browns, and wheat pancakes. Don’t give me crap about the hash browns, bitches! I don’t do this all the time! Anyway, two point five hours later I had Read more about Fantastic workout. Diet: good.[…]