6 pack Abs, Barbell Squats, High Jumps from hell!

I’m not going to lie.

Don’t you hate it when people start off like that? Well, I’m not going to lie either. (as opposed to the other times when I made the whole damn thing up) This workout, although it didn’t have much weight lifting, killed me. I would love a nap right about now.

“So, what did you do that was so hard?” Ok, Biff, I’ll tell you— you sarcastic bastard! I am on my mission to raise my squat. So I’m adding 10 lbs every week. I’m talking about a REAL squat, with a real barbell, placed on your real shoulders, and squating so your ass lands on your ankles. That’s right—all the way down, baby! Just like 10 in 30 tells ya to! I managed to gather enough strength to do 3 sets of 6 reps with the added 10 lbs. It was really hard.

Doesn’t help that there was a hot chick behind me doing the leg press machine with what appeared to be more weight! But you know what, Biff? That doesn’t compare to a REAL squat, you innocent and confused little man. I’d like to see that chick do 6, ass-to-ankles squats with HALF the weight I used. I don’t think she’d be able to do 3. Don’t cheat yourself by only using the leg press instead of doing squats and thinking you  squat 3 plates when you’re actually squatting much less.

Here it is:

Squats: 3 sets. √
2 sets incline Hammer bench press (I noticed my shoulders and back were looking great but my pecs were lacking)

calf raises galore
^super: seated calves galore
^super: chaser of HIGH JUMPS (blast them calves by jumping as high as you possibly can, letting your knees hit your chest way up in the air!)
run outside for 17 minutes (not really any sprints. shins hurt)

Hanging Leg Raises of death. <– 4x fail
^ 2 sets

Box crunches w 25#
^super: crunches w 25# 2 sets
+ 1 set of reg crunches

Plank Madness 2x each side.


Scoop and a half of Optimum Nutrition Whey in water. And around 25 minutes later, I had lunch: 2 chicken breasts and mixed vegetable of green beens, peas, carrots, and corn. Drank a grapefruit juice for the simple carbs and vitamin C. Now I need Green Tea, and then a nap. Did I already mention I’d like a nap?


Gain muscle in the arms: Blasting of the Arms!

Today was an intense hell of an arms workout. All arms. No shoulder. I did the 10 in 30 Shoulders/Arms on Friday, so 3 days later, I was ready for another arms blasting mofo workout! I’m really trying to gain mass in my arms and making them wider by doing the 3 types of barbell curls.

So, today was:

The Great Bicep, Tricep Massacre. A bunch of super sets of double biceps and double triceps with 30 seconds rest in between.

Barbell curls wide,
^super: rope curls
Tricep vbar pushdowns HVY
^super: overhead bb ext

Barbell curls normal, drop set
^super: rope curls
Tricep vbar pushdowns
top cable rope ext

Barbell curls narrow super drop set 4X! wide, normal
Ovrhd EZ bar extensions
top cable rope ext

seated DB hammer twist curls
DB reverse narrow to wide curls
Overhead single DB ext
bilat cable tricep pushdowns

standing DB hammer twist curls drop sets
DB reverse in2out curls DPST
Overhead single DB ext
bilat cable tricep pushdowns

go ahead and ask if you have any questions about what the heck any of that means. I was sweating a ton while only working the arms! I see most people work out so lethargically and are not sweating at all. My freaking workout was so intense it pretty much took care of cardio too! And my biceps looked like they’d burst out of their skin. Triceps were pretty swollen as well.

Tried to run afterward since it was such a beautiful day but I started getting a pain on my head/neck so I stopped early. No run today.


Blast them arms! {Biceps, wrist curls, triceps blaster}

Today, I did the Arms portion of Shoulder/Arms day. I refrained from shoulders because my neck muscle seems to be pulled. So, only the biceps and triceps for me today. Did the whole Superset and finished with my favorite ab exercise; Hanging Leg Raises from the Abs workout. Pretty quick workout, but the arms got a slammin!

Note: if you feel like you didn’t get much of a workout, you probably didn’t use enough weight to max out at the indicated reps. You probably could have done 10 but stopped at 6-8 and moved on to the next one which might have not been enough either. I’ll admit I sort of did that on some myself. So, after it was over, I added the forearm exercises, Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls. After 2 sets of each, I did a set of seated concentration curls with super slow return (negatives).

For bigger upper arms, be sure to use heavy enough weight so that you barely make it to 6! And then, cheat for a couple of reps using momentum. Be sure to vary your grip on the Barbell Curls as indicated in the Arms workout. Standard, Wide, Narrow. This will give width to your biceps. combine that with proper form on the triceps exercises and you’ll have bigger arms in no time. And to make sure your biceps are being properly isolated, use that BICEPS BLASTER I raved about.


Today, Monday, January 3 was Chest Day. I am doing the 10 in 30 plan again with slight modifications as necessary. Hey, I know what I’m doing, ok?? Anyway, it was a great workout and I am definitely seeing major improvement in the mirror! Even when my core is relaxed, I can see a good deal of abs, and my shoulder/rear delts are looking awesome from doing the Rotator Cuff exercises. Not to mention my Lats. They really stick out from my waist. Yes I look at myself a lot. That gym mirror is good to me. But that’s the only way to judge how you’re doing, right? Plus—don’t you love yourself? You should. Seriously. You are your best friend. So LOVE YOURSELF, DAMNIT! You’ll get more respect from others, anyway, if you really love yourself.

My workout:
Incline Press on Bench
Straight Bench Press
Crossovers (high to face level for upper pec development)
Incline DB Flies (only 20#, 12 reps)
Incline DB Press
Bent Over Rev Flies (standing, sitting)
Side Rotators
Top Rotators

Hanging leg raises
Leg Raises on Vertical Leg Raise Bench, knee raises

The reason I said this was “modified” is because I am working on lowering my fat percentage as well. I am doing ab work after most workouts on top of doing HIIT in the morning on an empty stomach. Remember, I already did the 10 in 30 and gained 10 lbs, then I did only circuits for a while with lots of cardio, so I went down on fat a little. Unfortunately, I also lost some muscle from that plus getting sick with the flu, so that’s why I’m back in the 10 in 30 plan. The morning HIIT cardio is really paying off as far as leaning me the hell out. I also plan on running (HIIT of course) after my workout for 2 days of the week on top of the morning HIIT.