The Great Fitness Product Giveaway!

Or at least; The Pretty Good Fitness Product Giveaway!

To encourage folks to join and participate in the brand new 10 in 30 Forum, I have decided to give stuff away. While I’m not giving away a car, a date with an adult actress, or a trip over the Middle East in a hot air balloon, I am giving away something of value.

The first 30 people to join the forum and honestly and legitimately enter their stats along with a “before” pic are entered in a drawing to win one of two choices of workout gear. Remember, you can crop out your face if you’d like to remain anonymous.

To join us and enter,
Join and Enter!

That’s a 1 in 30 chance! Pretty good odds, eh? The winner can choose one of two prizes:

Biceps Bomber:

biceps bomber


Pullup Bar:

pullups bar

Both prizes are awesome for developing your body. Girls and guys can both benefit form the Biceps Bomber because it ensures proper form and isolates the biceps just like a personal trainer would if he were there with you. Keeps your elbows from swinging so that you only use your biceps for curls OR triceps during triceps pushdowns. You want those lean and mean upper arms right?!

The Pullups Bar is fantastic for doing pullups in your home with the variety of grips it provides. You can also do one of the most effective and my favorite ab exercises from my plan; Hanging Leg Lifts 4X.

hanging leg raises

^ Great for both guys and girls!

The drawing will end on Thursday, June 30, 12 noon Pacific time and will only be held if there are at least 30 participants. I will gather names and randomly pic one in whatever method I feel like at that moment. I’ll announce the winner here and on my Twitter account. I’ll contact the winner at that time and get shipping info. Must be a U.S. resident.

To join us and enter,
Join and Enter!

No need to buy anything, just honestly participate in something that will do you plenty of good by motivating you in the form of a group environment and you’re in! Now, I stress the idea of “honesty”. Meaning that you really are interested in doing this workout and nutrition plan and will honestly give it a go while participating in the forum by posting your progress, more pics, etc. By joining, you agree that I reserve the right to restrict anyone from entering this giveaway whom I determine is not actively participating in the workouts.

And if you’re not really keen to the names of this post, here’s another: “The Better Than Nothing Fitness Product Giveaway”. Or you can name it anything you want in the comments. : )

Thanks and good luck with the drawing and your fitness goals!


100 reps are FUN!

I’ve been doing 100 reps lately. My new Lose 10 lbs in 30 Days plan has a few 100 rep supersets, and I’ve been incorporating them here and there.

A favorite right now is the Push/Pull superset of Pushups/Body Rows. 5 sets, 20 reps each. You can also combine Deep Pushups with Pullups Madness if you so desire.

But make it to 20 no matter what! Even if you have to take a few breathers of no more than 10 seconds. Just DO 20! Then rest after both your sets (pushups, rows) are done. This is a great superset because it works on the antagonist muscles, chest and back. You are pushing straight out in front of you in one set, then pulling yourself up in the same plane on the other.

Following that method, another great superset which you can do right after those are done, is Pullups/Dips. See how they are again moving along the same plane? This time, being a vertical plane; pulling yourself straight up through your shoulders in the Pullup, then pushing yourself up through your ribs in the Dip. Fantastic.

You can do a 100 superset of the first superset , but you can simply go to failure on the second exercise, Pullups/Dips, since these are much harder and you’re already beat from the first superset. Still, you’d do 5 sets. Then, RUN! Running after weight training has been proven the most effective time to burn fat since it takes at least 20 minutes for your body to begin burning fat as fuel for energy. That’s why you shouldn’t run first, it’ll deplete your muscles. HIIT running is the exception, since the concept is that you are running full force with lots of muscle being utilized, so you’re getting a muscle workout at the same time as burning fat. I love HIIT.

My new Lose 10 plan also has a kettlebell swing exercise that I prescribe 100 reps for with only 30 seconds in between. Maximum fat burning! 100 reps might seem like a lot, but it’s always broken down into sets with rests, so you can definitely do it. It feels great when you’re done to know that you just did 100 pushups (deep ones, preferably) and 100 rows, perhaps followed by 100 weighted crunches. <– Impressive, no?

My run, and an old lady with a stop sign.

During my run today, a sweet old lady crossing guard noticed that I was rubbing my upper leg muscles right above the knee because I started to cramp up.

I was cramping up because I had just finished a big Back and Chest workout, so apparently my blood was needed elsewhere. Plus, in the morning I had done my 12 minute HIIT that includes 2 sets of squat jumps and 2 sets of high jumps. That was at 7 a.m. around 15 minutes after waking up.

The night before, I had finished my leg workout around 9 p.m. which included 4 sets of squats and 2 sets of Lunge/Step ups. So, you see? My quads had plenty of reasons to cramp up!

Anyway, when I first passed her, I had thanked her with a smile and a one-hand-up salute in a high-five style but not actually asking for a slapping of the palms. She seemed to appreciate my appreciation.

On the way back, as I was crossing the street I jokingly exclaimed, “I’m done!” That’s when I was rubbing my legs and apparently making a face that said the opposite of, “I fucking love how I feel!”

My appearance must have prompted her to lean toward me and say in a compassionate tone, “I was a toe dancer. I know how you feel.”

I smiled and stopped right there. Right in the middle of the street since I felt the safety and security of my white-haired, florescent-vest-wearing guardian holding a stop sign above her head.

She went on to ask, “Do you have anything to put on it?”

“There’s a foam roller at the gym,” I assured.

Squinting as if trying to figure out the exact type of idiot I was, she stared at me for three seconds before clarifying, “No, I mean something you can rub on, like Ben Gay.”

“Oh!” I said through a grin, “Yeah, I have something at home,” and I started to walk away slowly as she kept talking about her toe dancing days when she was a total hottie I presume since I couldn’t clearly hear her anymore. I smiled, waved, and she waved back, still holding that stop sign above her head alerting drivers not to fucking kill me.

After some more rubbing and a bit of kneeding, I continued my 3.1 mile run back to the gym. I did not use any Ben Gay, thank you very much.


Killer Back/Chest workout!

back muscles

Get a V-shaped back! Make your pecs explode! Delts and Lats from Hell!

Are you starting to plateau? Not seeing results? Are your workouts getting boring? CHANGE SHIT UP with this KILLER BACK AND CHEST WORKOUT!

OK, that’s enough of the advertising hype talk. Promise.

It’s good to “change shit up” every 30 or 60 days, depending on how you’re doing. If you’re still seeing growth, love your workout, and want to do another month of it, then by all means, carry on. But if you’d like a change, try combining unlikely partners in your quest to keep your body guessing.

For example, today I combined Back with its nemesis; Chest. Let the bloodbath begin. What happens when you work an opposite muscle to the one you’re mainly concentrating on? You get a well balanced workout and a well balanced body. That’s why my 10 in 30 workout plan has a back and some rear delt exercises during Chest day, and some tricep work during Back day.

Today, I pushed that concept further. It was time for Back day, but instead of only doing a few chest exercises to balance shit out, I went with 100 Deep Pushups! Hell to the Yeah! Seriously, I fricken love these. Started with Pullups Madness, and then Cable Rows and in between each set, I’d do a set of 20 reps of deep pushups with my feet on a bench. All the way down, baby!

I did 5 sets for a kick-ass total of 100 deep pushups. Niiice. So that takes care of my chest, and the Pullups and Rows took care of the back. I did two sets of wide, aviator grip rows, and two sets of narrow grip rows. Both were DROP SETS! <– Yes, that warrants all caps and an exclamation point. I’d max out on the heavy weight of rows at around 6 reps, then lower that shit and max out again, this time going at a faster, non-stop pace.

After the 2 mega sets of Pullups Madness and 4 drop sets of rows, I went to the FreeMotion cable machine for some straight-arm pulldowns. I love this machine so much I wish I had one at home. That’s really all you need for your entire body. Anyway, The straight-arm pulldowns took care of the lats for that impressive wide upper, V shaped back. These really brought out some back and lat muscles I’d never seen before. I’m starting to resemble a fricken cobra—AWESOME!

back muscles

back muscles

Here it is in a 10 in 30 style Nutshell:

Pullups Madness: Do as many pullups as you can, then immediately get on the assisted pullups machine or other assisted method and max out again, then add weight to the machine and max out one more time. Rest a minute, then do the three back to back sets all over again one time for a total of two mega sets. 2 sets.

Deep Pushups: Raise your feet on a bench or step so they’re at least parallel to your hands but preferably a bit higher and go way down to the maximum slowwwly, before pushing up in an explosive, >1 second. Do 20. If you can’t get to 20, stop and rest no more than 10 seconds and do some more. Take as many 10 second rests as you need to complete your 20 reps. 5 sets.

You’ll do these in between EVERY Back exercise ’til you get to 5 sets for 100 Deep Pushup Bad Boys.

Rows: Seated, wide grip. I used what I call a wide “aviator grip”attachment. Use any wide attachment. Max out real heavy at 6 in the 10 in 30 pace of 1 second pull 3 second return, then lower the weight and do some faster, non-stop, 1 second pull 1 second return reps to max out at 6 – 10 reps. 2 sets.

Rows: Seated, narrow grip. Same as above but the hands are almost touching. Again; drop sets. 2 sets.

Straight Arm Pulldowns: Without bending your arms, use a FreeMotion unilateral cable machine or a straight bar on a high cable and squat slightly keeping your back arched, chest out. Grab the handles or bar at the top, and pull down (without bending those arms) so that your hands end up by your thighs. SLOWLY, bring your hands back up. 3 sets.

CHEERS, and enjoy changing shit up and looking like a fricken cobra!

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