Make yourself look like a cobra.


Had a great workout during lunch today. Serious Back and Lats with Tricep Supersets and some Abs/Core as a topping on this bitter-sweet desert.

Have I mentioned that music makes a big difference in work out intensity? At least, to me it does. Went with my old-school iPod with wired earplugs. They sound great but I hate the wire. I have to get those Motorolla wireless, stereo earplugs like the ones I got my beautiful wife.

Took two pills of my green tea pills. Didn’t go with the dosage of three because I didn’t have anything to eat since 8:30 and I was just being safe. Haven’t received my Xtend, OR my Torrent, and I’m completely out of Whey, so I had nothing but water while working out.

Here’s what I did:

Bent over Bar Bell Rows x4
Tricep cable extensions
Skull Crushers – full hang to activate chest and lats as well

Bent over Dumbbell Rows x4 (last set was with forearm on bench for different angle)
Tricep rope extensions
Bent over Dumbbell extensions

Pulldowns 4x went heavy 6 reps + one drop of an additional 6 reps
Cable overhead rope extensions – (extending forward in front of face. feel the burn)

Levers (straight-arm pullups) 3x of around 6 reps, try to hold for a sec up there.
Immediately superset: Straight-arm Lat pulldowns on Lifeline cable machine (love the hell out of this machine)
Side, straight-arm Lat pulldowns <– bad-ass.


Hanging Leg Lifts. my favorite
Machine Crunches
3x of both, back to back like the rest of the exercises today and mostly every day!



*************** : > ***************

Chest with Supers.

Was feeling kinda slow and tired on this Monday but pushed myself to go to my daily, lunchtime gym session. Today was Chest day. Remember folks, just grab your gear and GET THERE. Once you’re there, the change in environment, the lively atmosphere, the site of the equipment, lights, fit people, not so fit people, girls, and of course weight plates will wake you the hell up! Doesn’t hurt to have some caffeine .5 hr before or some apple or grape juice (simple carbs).

Today’s workout:
Incline Bench: 25, 45×3
Super: inverted body rows

Incline DB press: x3, + lower incline x2
Super: one handed seated cable rows x3 &
Straight-arm cable extensions on Life fitness cables

High jumps x1

Wood choppers x3
Cable crunches x1

Back to back:
Cable crossovers
: high x1
Life Fitness cable press x1
Hammer incline press: x1

Squat jumps x1

Lots of free weights for the chest, but included some opposite muscle group work for balance (rows). Also, a bit of core with the choppers and crunches and some fat-burning cardio to reach my goal of 3D abs by Labor Day. : )