Blast your legs. Blast your buttocks.

barbell squat

barbell squatWomen: if you’re getting bored of your current workout and and not seeing results TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE.

This will get your leg and butt muscles so sore you’ll be walking funny for days! That’s a good thing. Means you did something right and didn’t waste your time. Also means that when your muscles are repaired, they’ll turn into nice, “seck-sy” curves! Do this workout once a week if you mostly do plyometrics type of exercises which are also really good. Also, you should not do any legs exercise the next day, and probably not even the 2nd day after doing this workout except for running. Your newly beat-up muscles need time to recover. You can jump ’til your heart’s content in 3 days.

1. Barbell Squat. Video (as shown in the picture at top) Squats aren’t only for men. Squats do wonders for women too. They’ll give women a nice, sexy, firm butt and upper legs besides strengthening the upper body and core. You need to tighten your abs to avoid topping over backwards and your back muscles to avoid leaning forward. To keep from falling to the sides, your obliques are engaged as well. And men, you probably know that building the leg muscles raises your testosterone levels and greatly helps increase your muscle mass in the rest of your body. So you see? Squats totally rule!

Be sure to go all the way down—we’re not doing some sorry-ass half squats! This will help build your entire upper leg muscles, including the hamstrings in the back and they’re great for building you a nice butt!

If you don’t have access to a squat rack, choose a weight that you can easily shoulder press over your head when done. We’re not going for super heavy squats, especially if you don’t have a rack to safely put the barbell back down. Again, this whole plan concentrates on high reps and speed.

Proper form: Tighten your upper back and rear delts (shoulders) and flex them inward toward your spine. Place the barbell on your back so that the the barbell rests on your upper back muscles, NOT your neck bone. It should be a bit low on your back and your hands are only there to support your back. It should feel very light on your hands since nearly all of the weight will be on your back.

If you have to pause before getting to 12 reps, it’s ok. Stop and hold the weight on your upper back for around 10 seconds. Then continue ’til you do all 12. If you absolutely cannot get to 12 reps for 3 sets, you’re lifting way too heavy. Lighten up She-Ra, Princess of Power!

Reps: 12
Sets: 3
Rest: 1.5 minute
go up in a fast, explosive 1 to 1.5 seconds, and without pausing at the top come back down in 3 seconds

2. Leg Curl/Extension Superset. Extension Video. Curl Video.
Don’t just throw the weight up. It’s ok to do that (use momentum) toward the later reps, but try to pause & hold at the top for a second.
Reps: 18 of each, back to back. Rest when both are done, then do the remaining sets. Should be heavy enough that it burns when getting to 18. If not, adjust accordingly.
Sets: 3
Rest: 30 seconds (one muscle is already resting while the other is working)


3. Romanian Deadlifts.
Video. (keep legs slightly closer than the chick in the pic above) Grab a pretty heavy barbell and stand in front of it with your legs slightly bent. Stick your butt way out, arch your back, bend down and pick it up without bending your arms at all. Straighten your torso to a sanding position with the bar hanging just below your waist. Back down slowly.
Reps: 12
Sets: 3
Rest: 1 minute

4. Barbell Walking Lunges. Video. Use a barbell that’s light enough that you can press over your head easily when done.
Reps: 12 steps. Count each step (6 steps left, 6 steps right)
Sets: 3
Rest: 1 minute
If space is limited, try to get three groups of 4 steps before u-turning.

Proper workout nutrition is important!
Be sure to drink a protein drink IMMEDIATELY after finishing. You should also have some simple carbs at this time, so some white bread product, fruit juice, or simple sugar will help. Since this workout is pretty intense, drink a Gatorade with sugar while working out. (the simple carbs will help your workout) The Gatorade with splenda won’t give you the energy. Also have a half cup of coffee .5 hr before starting.


Let me know how it went in the comments and ask if you have questions. Good luck and HAPPY LIMPING.