Build an impressive chest with THE DOUBLE EYE PUNCH!

bench press not necessary

Everyone blabs about how the bench press is the god of chest exercises, but there are so many other ways to build an impressive chest.

What is your favorite?

I happen to prefer 2 exercises over bench press. Those that have been here a while may have heard me mention the first one, DEEP PUSHUPS, quite a few times.

The second is a press/fly hybrid exercise I created that’s performed on the cables. I call it

It is similar to using free weights in that there is no predetermined path, so your range of motion is completely unrestricted. This means that you use your stabilizer muscles just like you do with free weights. The difference is that you won’t kill yourself with cables. Although I bet some of us may find a way.



You stand with the cables at shoulder height, and if you can control the width like you can with the incredibly awesome Freemotion Cable machines, set it so that they are kind of wide, like 10 inches outside of your shoulders. Keep your elbows close to your body to prevent the very common shoulder strain or injuries.

Bring the cables forward by pushing just like you would with any of the chest press exercises, but at the same time, ADDUCT your arms, meaning; bring them in toward your center so they meet and greet each other. “Hello, left.” “Hello, right.”

Your thumbs should be pointed toward the floor as if your are double-punching someone in both of his eyes. Your arms will be almost fully extended at the elbow, with only a slight bend. You don’t need to lock them in place because there is no point to that unless you’re interested in fugging up your joints.

Now comes the beauty of my madness. Once they meet each other in front of you, and after the proper formalities have been exchanged, take a deep breath and then as you exhale, ROTATE THE BAD BOYS outward so that your thumbs end up on the outside, fingers up. REALLY CRUNCH THAT SHIT!

Again, exhale as you are crunching and be sure you are not lowering your arms. Keep them at face level. Remember, you’re punching someone on both of his eyes and it would be wrong if that person was smaller than you.

Hold it for 2 seconds as you exhale and keep them TOUCHING. Now, un-rotate as you return them to the start position while inhaling.

Keep these pretty heavy so that you fail at 6-8. This way, you can build a chest that will scare the children or turn the girls on, depending on where you like to walk around shirtless. Three to four sets should suffice.


New Workout of the Week & Exercise of the Week!

Hi friends, relatives, and partners in crime. This is a news update to inform you that we have a new WoW, and a new Eow (Workout of the Week and Exercise of the Week! These are actually last week’s entries so look out for yet another two in the following days. They took a bit longer because the WoW has a REALTIME video just like the 12 Minute HIIT so there were a few extra days of production.

The Workout of the Week is a dandy of a workout that will make you say nasty things about me. That’s OK. I can take it. You’ll feel better afterward and will end up thanking me. Or not. Who cares? The certain thing is that it will definitely give you a great challenge and do its job of confusing your muscles, killing workout boredom, and burn your unwanted fat while building you some muscle!

Workout of the Week: The 10in30 Supernovem!
An insane circuit of 9 back to back, full body exercises that you perform in a pyramid of reps starting with just 1 rep of each. Try to get through the whole workout, only resting at the end of each set!

Exercise of the Week: Swinging Leg Lifts!
You may have heard me rave about how hanging leg lifts are one of the best ab exercises. Well these are a variation of them which allows you to do more, thus burning more fat. See the video for inspiration!

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New Workout of the Week: The “666″ Bicep Tricep Massacre

Hello boys and girls, men, women, and everything in between! BUM here, with an announcement that we have the very first Workout of the Week (WoW)!


It is one of my favorite ways to blast the hell out of my upper arms when my usual gym routine is starting to get boring. It uses my beloved Jungle Gym and it absolutely MASSACRES my biceps and tricep. This homicide occurs because of the insane amount of drop sets (back to back sets with slightly lower resistance with no rest in between).

Then, after a brief rest period, we turn that sh!t up with a 10in30 coined workout method:
SUPER-DROP-SETS! These are even better than drop sets because they incorporate alternating opposite muscle exercises while simultaneously dropping resistance to max-out repeatedly.

HOW TO DO IT. Get a suspension trainer like my Jungle Gym and go to:

for a motivational video on how to be like Jason from Friday the 13th, and go after your biceps and triceps with RECKLESS ABANDON.