Build Inner Chest Definition with the New Exercise of the Week: Chest Twisters!

Chest Twisters are a combination of chest press and flies but with a twist!

You can do them with cables or resistance bands like I do in the video. Standing with your back on the bar is necessary so that you are completely stable and are not moving back and forth as your legs try to prevent your body from being pushed backward by your arms.

You may also do them seated, with the back rest all the way up so that your back is pressed to the back rest.

See the VIDEO, instructions on how to do them, and exactly why I said “with a twist” by visiting the Premium Exercise of the Week: Chest Twisters!

ALSO, check out and try the new Workout of the Week that has a very unique name!



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Vid: Ability to Sit and Rise from the Floor Can Predict Mortality Risk

From Science Daily – Science News:

[weaver_youtube id=MCQ2WA2T2oA sd=0 percent=100 ratio=.5625 center=1 rel=0 https=0 privacy=0 showinfo=0]

Dec. 13, 2012 — A simple screening test of musculo-skeletal fitness has proved remarkably predictive of all-cause mortality in a study of more than 2000 middle-aged and older men and women. The study, performed in Brazil by Dr Claudio Gil Araújo and colleagues at the Clinimex — Exercise Medicine Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, is reported today in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention.

Commenting on the results, the investigators said that a high score in the sitting-rising test might “reflect the capacity to successfully perform a wide range of activities of daily living, such as bending over to pick up a newspaper or a pair of glasses from under a table.”

Offering an explanation for the close correlation between the test scores and survival, Dr Araújo said: “It is well known that aerobic fitness is strongly related to survival, but our study also shows that maintaining high levels of body flexibility, muscle strength, power-to-body weight ratio and co-ordination are not only good for performing daily activities but have a favourable influence on life expectancy.

See the whole article here


Video: How to get hurt at the gym

Watch this video if you are interested in learning how to get hurt at the gym:

[weaver_youtube id=q6s9XCaCcBc sd=0 percent=100 ratio=.5625 center=1 rel=0 https=0 privacy=0 showinfo=0]

Pain and at least one broken bone guaranteed OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

New Exercise of the Week: One-Legged Lunge Jumps

We have a new Exercise of the Week folks. And this time;


(sorry, something happens to me when I get back from the gym)

But seriously, this EOW is a real kick in the butt. It will use your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves to throw you up in the air in a fat-burning, muscle making manner.

Click here to see the EOW page for the full HD, 1280×720 video and instructions on how to do it for maximum results.


10in30 Fitness

Burn Fat with Bleacher Blast Circuit Workout

We have a new WOW, Workout of the Week. It is called “Bleacher Blast” because it’s done on bleacher seats. It’s great for burning fat, getting your cardio done in a fast-moving, high jumping fun way, and even tightening your glutes and lower abs.

Check it out in the always free Premium Section for the full HD video.

Here’s the preview video in Youtube:

[weaver_youtube id=c2lKob-hPLM sd=0 percent=100 ratio=.5625 center=1 rel=0 https=0 privacy=0 showinfo=0]

New Fitness Gadget at Target

So this is the latest fitness gadget they have at Target. As you may know, I am always looking to see what’s going on in the fitness industry—whether it be legit, false, serious, or funny. I just like to know who’s making money on what.

This is what I found while walking around aimlessly the other day, as I usually do on a weekday night. : /
I immediately noticed something was wrong—something didn’t jive.

I’ve seen other pushup contraptions that add resistance to “the holy pushup” by holding you down, and you push upward against the resistance. They would be similar to your significant other sitting on your back while you were doing pushups. Harder to lift yourself, right?

Well this one didn’t seem to be right, even at first glance. Upon further inspection, I figured out that it works by pushing you up by the chest as you push down with your arms. Now, you would think it’s simply pushing your body up by using your own force via your arms and chest power, but there are actual resistance bands down there. So, as you push yourself up, the pad automatically rises, stretching the bands, making it more difficult to press down on the handles.

Now, there’s the key!

You PUSH DOWN on the handles with this device as opposed to pushing down on Earth and lifting YOURSELF up away from the planet as with a regular pushup. So with this device are you still doing a pushup? Are you pushing yourself up? Well, yes. Yes you are. That pad aint going up without you pushing down on those handles. And if the pad doesn’t go up, your ass aint going up either!

So how does it compare to a regular pushup?

As Rocket Fitness says in their infomercial, it “supports bodyweight up to 78%” and in their video:

“Hard to do pushups without support? Well no more! The Pushup-Pump makes them easy!”

AHA! Busted! So there you go! Those metal arms lift your body by adding leverage to make it easier to do pushups if you find them too difficult. Then why the resistance bands? Well they make it a bit harder than if you were using this device with no bands. But both with and without resistance bands is EASIER and therefore LESS EFFECTIVE than doing a normal pushup on the floor without the $100 gadget.

There are so many pushup variations and ways to make them easier and harder on their own with no equipment that you really do not need any device. If you really want to add resistance to a regular pushup, you want to make it harder to lift yourself up, not add something that helps lift you up.

I’d go with a weighted vest instead!

It’s the best way to add resistance to your pushups. You can finish your set of pushups, get up and do weighted pull ups in the blink of an eye for some killer antagonistic super sets!

After that, I’d do some weighted squat jumps, then sit-ups, then… you get the picture.

They range from the $30 lighter vests to real heavy ones. I would recommend you try doing some pushups with a child on your back that weighs around 20-30 pounds to see how that feels so you can know how heavy of a vest to buy.

Or if you aren’t in the habit of conducting experiments using your kids, then maybe a backpack worn backward with something heavy in it.

But a vest is best since you won’t be able to jump or do situps with a heavy backpack because it doesn’t grip tight on your body.

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Pop Your Shoulder, Explode Your Lat!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this warrants at least one exclamation mark, but two isn’t overkill. I’m really excited about this week’s Workout of the Week and Exercise of the Week.

This week’s WOW is “Shoulder Poppers” and the EOW is “Straight Arm Pullups”!

“Shoulder Poppers” is a workout which is meant to POP YOUR SHOULDER! OK, not in the sense that you may imagine, but it’s meant to work your delts in ways you haven’t worked them before. It is not a delt-only workout—you will do three exercises mixed with two plyo-cardio breaks to work your legs and butt, biceps, triceps, core, traps, back, and you will burn fat due to working so many muscle groups with explosive reps.


“Straight Arm Pull Ups” is one of my favorite ways to make my lats EXPLODE. I like being able to feel them with my arms when I’m walking! Try these and you’ll see.

You can see them both in the Premium section, Workout of the Week and Exercise of the Week.