This poor guy had an unfortunate incident with a bidet…

Definitely a health thing, the Refresh-It Bidet is the latest home product that the 10in30 Fitness team fully endorses. I for one, am more proud of this purchase than many of the fitness products I’ve tried lately.

The fact that we Americans do not use bidets is unbelievable. Cleaning ourselves with dry toilet paper is hygienic and healthy? I don’t think so. Using wet wipes is better, but not good enough because paper does not clean as well as water does. But you don’t have to buy an expensive and separate bidet to have a completely clean butt. TheRefresh-It Bidet costs under $40 and attaches itself in around 15 minutes to your regular toilet. I installed mine and now I can’t wait to poop! 🙂

It needs no batteries. It attaches to your regular water line that’s already attached to your toilet. You mount it using the two seat cover screws in minutes.

Here’s a video of some poor chap named Matt who’s demonstration didn’t go too well:

And here’s a video with a girl wearing white pants demonstrating the Refresh-It Bidet. You know she uses the bidet or she wouldn’t be wearing white pants, right? Am I right?


Get your butt completely clean (finally?) by getting your own Refresh-It Bidet here:

Yes! I want a clean buttocks!



I poop better than you [VIDEO]


Apparently, you have been pooping all wrong and in an unhealthy way. The angle of your legs at the hips determines how efficient your bowel movement will be. So, according to the research done by the Squatty Potty people, your knees need to be by your shoulders in order to relax the colon muscle and and deliver total elimination.

The Squatty Potty is a toilet stool that allows you to do this much better than an ordinary stool because of the cut-away design that let’s it position right up to the toilet. I have one and let me tell you, it is great.

Here’s a video explaining the whole thing on the TV show “The Doctors” as they have fun with the Squatty Potty:


Get your own Squatty Potty in many sizes and designs to choose that can’t be found in stores from like bamboo, wood, travel (inflatable) and more by clicking here:

Poop Better


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Fast fat loss with one easy move

Summer’s here! Time to exercise outdoors. You can get a really good body weight workout at the park and you can burn a lot of fat fast while preserving lots of muscle.

The key to losing fat fast his to do HIIT cardio. That’s high intensity cardio that uses your fast twitch muscles as well as your heart. One of the best ways to do HIIT is to make your entire body fly through the air with high jumps.

If you’re not familiar with box jumps or any kind of high jump where you land on a platform, start by jumping onto the seat of the bench or another short platform that’s probably lower than your needs. Do 10 of those, rest for around a minute and then do 10 more.

If you can handle it do 20 at a time before resting for a minute. Work your way up to the point where you’re able to jump onto the table itself. Of course, the difficulty depends on your height.

The goal is to do 10 table jumps at a time. When you land on the top of the table be sure to extend your legs so that you are standing upright.

Let me see your table jumps! Record yourself doing these and post it on YouTube, then leave the link in the comments. Show off your awesomeness!