baby got back.

Today, Monday, I had a great workout. I am not doing the 10in30 workout exactly as is because I already gained 15 lbs since I started doing it around two months ago. So, it’s time to switch things up. Switching every month is good practice. You can extend the 10in30 plan to around two months, but no more than that. Not because it’s dangerous or anything; but you should switch workouts (tempo, reps, rest, exercises) because you’ll hit a plateau and stop seeing gains.

I did Back today. Here’s what I did:

•3X wide pullups. (2 were Supersets with assisted pullups with 60 lb help) 2 min rest
•3X narrow pullups. 3 min rest
•4X wide grip rows heavy wt, Superset w/high rows lighter weight
•3X Unilateral Rows 65
•2X box crunches in between 1st pullups
•Spinning bike HIIT around 15 min.


Had my BCAA’S/Creatine before and after. Plus sushi salad with an apple juice right after. Then, around 2.5 hrs later, I had 2 chicken breasts (frozen) + 1.5 cups mixed veggies. 2 hrs after that, I had a protein shake with milk. Then in about 1.5 hrs I had dinner; steak and vegetables with a trio of cherry potatoes. My breakfast was a medium nonfat latte and a “reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich” from Starbucks, plus 2 packets of oatmeal around an hour after that. Late night snack consisted of mixed unsalted nuts, a handful of dried chile mango, a few bites of pita chips, and a Firestone beer.

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