A diet plan that allows you to eat cake, donuts, ice cream and still lose a bunch of fat?

banana_split chocolate_donut chocolatecake

The 10in30 Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days plan is that and more. It promotes flexible eating, meaning that you don’t have to stick with eating boring foods day in, day out. With knowledge comes freedom!

Freedom to eat a donut if you wish!

Freedom to eat that cheeseburger!

Freedom to have an ice cream sundae!

How is this possible? How can someone eat all that and still lose fat? The 10in30 diet plan is part of the “If it fits in your macros” approach to weightloss and does this by setting how many calories you are to eat in a day, then telling you how much of each of the three macro nutrients to eat. All foods consist of a combination of the three macro nutrients, Carbs, Fats, or Protein. How much should you eat of each and why? How do they fit when losing fat?

All of these questions and more are answered in our book;
How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days!


Only $2.99 until Friday March 3! (Then it’s $10)

How does a piece of cake fit in the diet plan? Answer: any way you want it to. See, the thing is, everything is measurable. A piece of cake will contain a certain amount of carbs and fat with very little protein. Go ahead and eat it and don’t be the company party pooper!

Don’t even say anything dumb to show that you’re insecure like, “Well, there goes my diet! Hurhur.” Leave that to the cubicle dwellers that are not reaching their goals! Just eat it and own it! Then quietly log into your MyFitnessPal app and estimate how much you ate, and continue to lose fat at your coworkers’ amazement. (You have to estimate since you aren’t gonna bust out the scale and poop on the party and even if you did, you wouldn’t really know how much they used of each ingredient).

Log your macros into your app, and then you see how much carbs and fat you have left for the day. Then, make sure you don’t go over!

That’s it. Easy, eh?

That’s what our book shows you how to do! Eat whatever the heck you want and still be in fat-losing, calorie deficit mode! You can even do little tricks like extra exercise that day that really burn fat like the ones we show you in our Premium members Only page. The “Supernovem” for example burns fat by targeting your whole body in a brutal-but-fun workout that works your core, shoulders, chest, butt and heart! Get the video for free by becoming a member in the link above.

Now, if you’re super hungry after seeing these pics of delicious sweets, go ahead and have one, then get the book and get ready for summer 2017!

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