Are you sure you need to be Gluten-Free?

Americans Spend Over  .2 Billion Per Year on Gluten-Free Food

Are you “Gluten-Free”? Do you avoid the normal foods healthy people eat because “gluten is unhealthy” or “gluten makes you fat” or your body simply can’t tolerate gluten?

If your body can’t tolerate gluten, then you’re certainly aware of the rare disease that you have. You are part of the rare 1% that have Celiac. I feel for you. How long ago were you diagnosed?

Celiac disease is a rare condition where an individual experiences an immune reaction to eating gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye – which is completely reasonable to consume unless one has this condition. But many people declare themselves “gluten-free” even if they don’t suffer from Celiac.

Here at 10in30, we believe in logic, simplicity, common sense. We eat protein. We eat carbs. We workout hard. Carbs from wheat allow us to workout hard. We don’t make excuses, and we don’t make ourselves out to be victims of diseases we don’t have.

If you do have Celiac disease, gluten-free is something that you unfortunately have to deal with. But before helping out the economy by spending your hard-earned money on gluten-free foods, and also sacrificing progress in your body transformation, how about you get tested. You probably don’t have it. (only 1%, remember?) 

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