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A recent exchange between me and a commentor on my blog.

A recent exchange between me and a commentor on my blog. User5906: I must express my honor for your kindness for all those that need guidance on this one field. Your special commitment to transferring the answer up and down has been tremendously practical and has always influenced many people the same as me to […]

New exercises, new vids!

I’ve updated the GAIN 10 POUNDS in 30 DAYS workouts. First of all, the layout has changed to make it more pleasant to read and videos were added in the layout. And remember, you’ll only gain pounds if you’re eating like it says in the Gain plan. If you don’t want to gain weight but […]

Blast your legs. Blast your buttocks.

Women: if you’re getting bored of your current workout and and not seeing results TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE. This will get your leg and butt muscles so sore you’ll be walking funny for days! That’s a good thing. Means you did something right and didn’t waste your time. Also means that when your muscles are […]

Ladies, “skinny” is a bad word.

We often hear people compliment others, usually girls, by saying, “Wow, look at you; you’re so skinny!” or something similar. While their intentions are good, hopefully they are referring to her lack of fat instead of what “skinny” really means. The difference between skinny and fat For technical purposes, or as technical as I can […]

Make yourself look like a cobra.

LOG: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31, TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN. Had a great workout during lunch today. Serious Back and Lats with Tricep Supersets and some Abs/Core as a topping on this bitter-sweet desert. Have I mentioned that music makes a big difference in work out intensity? At least, to me it does. Went with my old-school iPod […]

Chest with Supers.

Was feeling kinda slow and tired on this Monday but pushed myself to go to my daily, lunchtime gym session. Today was Chest day. Remember folks, just grab your gear and GET THERE. Once you’re there, the change in environment, the lively atmosphere, the site of the equipment, lights, fit people, not so fit people, […]


Today, was Chest and Arms, with a hint of Rear Delts and Rotator Cuffs as pictured above. Have I mentioned that it’s a good idea to do some opposite sets when you’re targeting a specific body part? For example, today was Chest, but to be well balanced and not start looking all lopsided with the […]