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Protein comparisons

I compare the price per protein of 3 leading sources of protein and tell you which is BEST. You already know that you need lots of protein so your muscles can repair themselves after grueling workouts. As I have stated in the Gain 10 lbs plan on this site, you’ll need 1.5 – 2 grams […]

Work your hamstrings at the park!

You’re already good at working your quads with bodyweight exercises. Squat jumps, lunge jumps, bulgarian single leg squat, pistols, step jumps. And you know how to work the upper body with no weights as well: If you’re at the park, you can do pullups on the monkey bars, dips on the hand rails, pushups with […]

Blast Your Calves—Once and for all!

If you are not seeing results in your calves despite training them like a beast, you might want to try this technique on for size. From what I’ve experienced, heavy weight/low reps seems to do nothing for me. Maybe it does for you, or maybe it used to work, but not anymore, but overloading the […]

Nutrition for HIIT!

High Intensity Interval Training is an effective, highly popular form of cardio and fat-burning exercise where you push yourself to the max for short bursts and then recover before repeating. Super effective for super fast results! It is basically the opposite of steady-pace cardio like long distance running or cycling. You perform intervals of high […]

New exercises, new vids!

I’ve updated the GAIN 10 POUNDS in 30 DAYS workouts. First of all, the layout has changed to make it more pleasant to read and videos were added in the layout. And remember, you’ll only gain pounds if you’re eating like it says in the Gain plan. If you don’t want to gain weight but […]