Friday, Nov 19. 10 in30 Shoulders/Mc Donalds, more food

Fantastic workout right from the 10 in 30 workouts! Friday is Shoulder and Arms day and that’s what I did. Here it is with slight changes: • Standing Military Press • Upright Rows ^superset The rest were more of a circuit with hardly any rest in between. Alternating between shoulders and curls, then triceps. •[…]

Sat, Nov 13, Great workout in Vegas!

I’m in Vegas, baby! Had a fantastic, super-hard, long, complete workout in the Trump Towers’ gym. Badass gym they have! Have you seen those “Technogym” machines? I read about them a while back and this is the second time I got to use them. They are really cool treadmills, bikes, and eliptical machines that have[…]

Thurs, Nov 11: Another Circuit- Legs, Chest, and Back

Another circuit today. Mixed it up with Legs, Chest, and Back. Push/pull baby! Deadlifts 3x Pullups – Added assisted pullups after maxing out on regular ones 4x Incline Bench on Hammer Machine 4x Pushups 3x Narrow Rows 3x, Wide rows 2x Cable Xovers 3x No cardio. Ran out of time and was way too hungry.[…]

See how her body is parallel to the floor? Not inclined as it would be if her feet and hands were on the floor.

Deep Push Ups! Long Jumps! Circuit training.

I’ve been doing a quick, fantastic circuit of different bodypart exercises including the fantastic deep push ups along with some explosive cardio. No rest until you finish #4, then rest for one minute. Use a countdown timer.       3 sets of: Barbell Squats – As I’ve preached before, if you don’t have a[…]