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Is diet enough to lose weight?

A caloric deficit diet is the number one agreed upon best way to lose body fat and thus lose weight. Some say you don’t even really need to exercise at all if you are sticking to your diet. Well, I agree that if you are sticking to your diet of a caloric deficit (eating less than your […]

It’s on!

Get the official 10 in 30 book for only 99¢ today Price goes up every day ’til it hits the regular price of $9.99 so hurry up, don’t delay, tell a friend, have a life, bon voyage and anything other three syllable saying you can think of! See it on Amazon   And get the companion […]

This Friday: Huge Black Friday Sale

HUGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE Forget paying $9.99 on Amazon. Starting this Friday the 25th, get the book for a ridiculous 99¢. It will go up a buck every day to regular price so hurry. Click here   Already got the book? Get one for a friend. Or share on Facebook so your fans can benefit! 🙂 […]

8 Ways To Get Good Sleep

Shhhhh I’m trying to sleep! Sleep quality is important when it comes to health and even more so when you are working out and building your body. The three important elements to reshaping your body are diet, exercise, and sleep. Without one, your efforts will be lessened if not wasted completely. It is during sleep that your […]

I poop better than you [VIDEO]

  Apparently, you have been pooping all wrong and in an unhealthy way. The angle of your legs at the hips determines how efficient your bowel movement will be. So, according to the research done by the Squatty Potty people, your knees need to be by your shoulders in order to relax the colon muscle […]