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Jack3d And OxyElite Ordered Destroyed by FDA

As I’ve mentioned before, 10in30 Fitness friends, be careful with those pre-workout supplements. Most rely on heavy stimulants like caffeine that increase your heart rate radically. Taking 2-3 times the caffeine of a strong cup of coffee in one shot is just stupid. You are putting fitness in front of health, when it should be […]

Kill Cancer with the Ketogenic Diet?

(from cbn News – link at bottom) After being diagnosed with metastatic cancer and given only three months to live, Dr. Fred Hatfield turned to the Keto diet and succeeded in removing cancer from his body. “The cancer was gone!” he exclaimed. “Completely. To this day there’s no trace of it. And it’s been over a year.” Apparently, cancer […]

Jungle Gym Bicep/Tricep Blasters!

Bored of your gym routine? Arms stop growing? Try the 10in30 Jungle Gym Bicep and Tricep Blasters! Build big bad biceps and trump truly tremendous triceps! Take a break from dumbbells, leave the barbell at the gym, forget cables and curl machines. You’re going to use something that weighs WAY MORE: YOUR BIG OLE SELF! You’ll be […]

Guest post: Building Mass on a Budget

This week, we have a guest poster to the 10in30 Blog; Mr. Simon Jurkiw –  a renowned performance nutritionist, who has previously written for or been featured on Men’s Health, Metro, WebMD, Fighter’s Only and AskMen, as well as appearing on MTV and Absolute Radio. He’s currently Product Director at Bulk Powders, after 8 years […]

Inside the Mind of a Porn Star

10in30 readers, have you ever wondered how people in the porn industry live? First of all, you know they are pretty fit and they take great care of their bodies since their entire body will be exposed and their livelihood depends on it. Would you be offended if a scout gave you a card and […]


A small gallery

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