Full body, core, shoulders and arms workout virtual trainer

[weaver_youtube id=bDKNolp1Sa0 sd=0 percent=100 ratio=.5625 center=1 rel=0 https=0 privacy=0 showinfo=0] For a limited time, get the SUPERNOVEM for FREE! Just enter your name and email: **************************************************************************************************************** Subscribe to our FREE newsletter to get the SUPERNOVEM workout video FREE! We respect your  email privacy **************************************************************************************************************** The 10in30 Supernovem  is a fat burning, muscle building, whole body[…]

Pop Your Shoulder, Explode Your Lat!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this warrants at least one exclamation mark, but two isn’t overkill. I’m really excited about this week’s Workout of the Week and Exercise of the Week. This week’s WOW is “Shoulder Poppers” and the EOW is “Straight Arm Pullups”! “Shoulder Poppers” is a workout which is meant to POP YOUR SHOULDER![…]

New Workout of the Week: The “666″ Bicep Tricep Massacre

Hello boys and girls, men, women, and everything in between! BUM here, with an announcement that we have the very first Workout of the Week (WoW)! THE 10 IN 30 “666” BICEP, TRICEP MASSACRE! It is one of my favorite ways to blast the hell out of my upper arms when my usual gym routine is[…]