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Pop Your Shoulder, Explode Your Lat!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this warrants at least one exclamation mark, but two isn’t overkill. I’m really excited about this week’s Workout of the Week and Exercise of the Week. This week’s WOW is “Shoulder Poppers” and the EOW is “Straight Arm Pullups”! “Shoulder Poppers” is a workout which is meant to POP YOUR SHOULDER! […]

It’s all about consistency.

YOU MAY BE EAGER to start your new exercise program now that the new year has begun. Maybe a little too eager. There’s a saying I keep repeating in my blog, Twitter, and everywhere: CONSISTENCY TRUMPS INTENSITY If you work out super hard, wake up super early (earlier than you’re used to), cut your calories like if […]


I had heard many a mentions about the most hated, most dreaded guy in the gym but I had not encountered him or his evil ways in my many years of working out in many gyms. I was convinced his story was only a legend. Today, as if I had recited his name three times in front […]