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Fast fat loss with one easy move

Summer’s here! Time to exercise outdoors. You can get a really good body weight workout at the park and you can burn a lot of fat fast while preserving lots of muscle.

The key to losing fat fast his to do HIIT cardio. That’s high intensity cardio that uses your fast twitch muscles as well as your heart. One of the best ways to do HIIT is to make your entire body fly through the air with high jumps.

If you’re not familiar with box jumps or any kind of high jump where you land on a platform, start by jumping onto the seat of the bench or another short platform that’s probably lower than your needs. Do 10 of those, rest for around a minute and then do 10 more.

If you can handle it do 20 at a time before resting for a minute. Work your way up to the point where you’re able to jump onto the table itself. Of course, the difficulty depends on your height.

The goal is to do 10 table jumps at a time. When you land on the top of the table be sure to extend your legs so that you are standing upright.

Let me see your table jumps! Record yourself doing these and post it on YouTube, then leave the link in the comments. Show off your awesomeness!

Olympic Cyclist tries to power a toaster

How much power does it take to toast a single slice of bread? Robert Förstemann, an olympic cyclist with ridiculously huge 30″ thighs attempts to toast his bread the old fashioned way: BY EARNING IT.

Can he do it? Find out.

Super secret butt shaping, members-only workout EXPOSED!

Here’s a sneak peak at our super secret members-only Circuit Workout. This is one of five Circuit workouts that are members-only (totally free):

Circuit 1: 18-24 Minute HIIT

Circuit 2: AB-solutely Awesome

Circuit 3: Butt and Leg Killer

Circuit 4: Suspended This!

Circuit 5: TNT arms

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Circuit 3: Butt and Leg Killer

Remember that all of these circuit workouts are whole-body workouts, but each one emphasizes a body part group more than the others. This one will shape your butt and upper legs tight in no time!

Perform indicated reps of each exercise, then move on to the next exercise. Rest at the end. 

2-3 rounds!
1. Burpies

No pushup and be sure to jump high at position 4.

12 reps


2. Kettlebell  2-handed Swings

12 reps. No kettlebell? Substitute with a heavy weight plate with handles or a dumbbell held vertically by the top. Careful not to throw it at anyone. Make sure you are “hitting hard” when you thrust with your hips by clenching your butt muscles (glutes). This will propel the weight upward, allowing you to use heavy weight.


3. Kettlebell or dumbbell Front Squats

(kettlebells in front of chest)

With a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell squat all the way down like the man. Keep your back arched like the woman, but don’t stand all the way up. That’s resting. Instead, stop when your thighs are at around 45° to the ground.

12 reps


4. Plank Madness


This will be a timed exercise. Get on your elbows as in picture 1 and raise your butt up and down by crunching your abs every second until you survive 30 seconds. Make sure you’re concentrating on contracting and squeezing your ab muscles to raise your hips. Super hard.

Then, without pausing, get on your left elbow like in picture 3 and raise/lower your hips again, every second until you hit 30 seconds/30 hip raises. When finished, switch to your right elbow and do the same. Then rest 30 seconds. Do this whole thing twice.

Wanna be a superhero? Add a weighted ball for the side raises. No ball? Raise your feet.

Reps: 30 hip raises in 30 seconds, each side (Straight, Left, Right)
Sets: 2
Rest: 30 seconds after Straight, Left, and Right sides are done 


5a. Doggie Glute Lifts

(if you are a man or otherwise don’t want to do these, see 5b)

  1. On hands and knees. Raise foot behind you by curling it like a scorpion. Really crunch it. Hold 1 sec.
  2. Back down, knee to chest. (foot doesn’t touch ground, keep raised)
  3. Kick leg straight out & high, then lower to almost touch ground. Raise & lower 5 times.
  4. Back down, knee to chest. (foot doesn’t touch ground, keep raised)
  5. “Doggie peeing”. Return knee to bottom but keep it suspended, then lift to side and straighten leg. Raise & lower 5 times.

5 reps, switch legs

5b. One Legged Lunge Jumps!

No weights. Lunge deep down, most of your weight on your front foot, rear foot barely touches the ground with your toes for balance.

JUMP up high enough so that your leg is straightened and land on the ball of the same front foot, (not the heel) immediately hopping back up into your next jump.

10 reps, switch legs


6. Lunges/Step Ups Superset

Lunge Step-Ups


Stand with a barbell on your back and have a Step ready in front of you. The step should be high enough so that your upper leg is near parallel to the floor when stepping up.

Step forward with your left leg and go down slowly almost letting your right knee touch the floor. Then in one motion, stand up by bringing your right leg all the way forward and up onto the step. Now power yourself onto the step and bring your left leg up as well. You’ll now be standing completely on the step. Don’t just stop and rest up there! Immediately come back down slowly with your left leg so that your right leg is working hard to lower yourself. Don’t just drop! Now bring your right leg down and all the way back to its starting point while bending your left leg slightly so that you’re doing a reverse lunge. Lastly, slide your left leg back to the starting point where you stand up straight.

That’s HALF A REP! You now have to do it again but lead with the right leg. The full rep is done when you do both legs, “One—one. Two—two. Three—three”.

Just like the squats, use light enough weight so that you can do 3 sets of 10, but this time with only 30 seconds rest in between. If you’re starting to conk out during your 2nd or 3rd sets, you can adjust the weights accordingly.

Reps: 10
 60 seconds only after both legs hit the 10 reps
around 1.5 seconds per move, non stop.




7. Dumbbell Squat, Curl & Press

This next exercise combines squatting, biceps, triceps and shoulders in a lighter, faster exercise for maximum fat burn! Grab a pair of light dumbbells.

squat curl and press
squat curl and press


How to do it!

  1. Stand holding light dumbbells at your thighs. Women use 3-5 pounds, Men: 10 pounds. Adjust as necessary.
  2. Lower yourself to a squat position while curling the dumbbells.
  3. HOLD the squat to where your upper legs are parallel to the ground or at least 45°, do not rest your elbows on your thighs, don’t sit on your ankles.
  4. Extend your arms and rotate the wrists so that your arms are at a 45° angle to the floor, palms facing down.
  5. Still holding the squat, bring the dumbbells right back to your shoulders.
  6. Now stand back up slowly and controlled while uncurling your arms
  7. Right back to standing position, dumbbells at your thighs.



No stalling, no pit stops. Each rep should consist of four 1-second moves (or faster. one second is a bit slow). This exercise will concentrate on speed and getting your heart rate up, thus burning a ton of fat while maintaining muscle! This isn’t meant for you to grow some huge shoulders, quads, or biceps or you’d be lifting real heavy for failure at around 6 reps. You’re still working on those muscles, but the fast, non-stop movements will ensure major fat burning throughout!

Reps: 10
30 seconds
steady 1 second per move or faster x4 moves per rep

Parkour helmet-cam

You don’t have to risk your life to have fun exercising outdoors like these guys although it looks like a lot of fun, right?


Amazing display of athleticism along with insane courage but how about not breaking your neck and instead doing the 10in30 Bleacher Blast outdoor workout?


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The Premium section also has Exercises of the Week, which show you an exercise you probably haven’t heard of, but are effective in changing up your routine. Exercises you can do outdoors include:

1. Stadium Jumps!

2. Swinging Leg Lifts!

3. Straight Arm Pullups!

4. One Legged Lunge Jumps!

– See more at: http://10in30.com/premium/exercise-of-the-week/#sthash.eJSROcNd.dpuf

As always, be careful, especially with the jumping exercises or stepping down from the bleachers. Be sure you’re stepping down forward in a straight line instead of at an angle as you don’t want your ankle to roll to the side with the force. I recommend leaning a bit toward the inside while stepping down from any high surface. Good luck, leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions!

Are your supplements being regulated?


Folks, be careful with trying new supplements. There are basically very few supplements that actually work so, to be safe, stick with the true and tried brands and products. The products in my pic above are all made by highly respected companies that most experienced bodybuilders and regular fitness fanatics have been using for most of our entire fitness years. The following article should remind you to be careful with new products, but not deter you from using the time-tested ones like those in my Supplements page.

Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times

When the Food & Drug Administration recalls your “all natural” dietary supplement for containing prescription pharmaceuticals, you may think that ensures a rapid restoration of the misbranded product to its wholesome natural state, right?

Wrong, says a new study.

Several months after supplements were recalled for being illegally laced with prescription drugs, researchers bought them off the shelves and from the online inventories of supplement retailers and checked whether they continued to contain the illegal substances for which they’d been recalled.

In two-thirds of cases, the supplements did.

And in more than 1 in 5 cases, the researchers found a second (or more) illegal ingredients in the recalled products. Either the supplement maker had doubled down in the wake of the FDA’s recall, adding more illegal ingredients to the product, or the FDA had failed to flag the additional adulteration in the first place.

Those findings came in a research letter published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. More than half of adult Americans use nutritional supplements of some sort, mostly vitamin and mineral supplements. But products that often include herbal and botanical extracts and are marketed as bodybuilding, weight-loss or sexual enhancement aids are a multibillion-dollar business.

Unlike drugs, dietary supplements don’t have to be proved safe before being sold, and manufacturers can make general claims about health benefits. With limited powers to regulate nutritional supplements, the FDA in recent years has stepped up its recalls of nutritional supplements that are adulterated with prescription medications.

In the three years beginning January 2009, the agency demanded that 274 such supplements be withdrawn from the market until the prescription drugs they illegally contained was removed.

More often than not, however, the latest assessment suggests the FDA is failing to enforce its orders. The samples–roughly three-quarters of which were produced by American manufacturers–were drawn anywhere from eight to 52 months after recalls had been ordered. The average sample was taken about three years after a recall.

Of the 27 dietary supplements sampled by a team led by Dr. Pieter A. Cohen, 13 were sports-enhancement nutritional supplements, and 11 of them — 85 percent — continued to contain prescription ingredients (including anabolic steroids). Of nine weight-loss products sampled, six continued to contain prescription medications.

meridia“Natural” miracle cures peddled for weight loss can include any number of ingredients, ranging from unproven to outright harmful. The recalled products typically included sibutramine (marketed as Meridia) or phenolphthalein. Phenolphthalein is a laxative that is being withdrawn from over-the-counter medications as a possible carcinogen, and sibutramine was withdrawn from the market in 2010 after it found to have increased the risk of cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack.

Among the illegal substances found in the supplements were a sibutramine analog, benzyl sibutramine, that’s never been tested in humans.

Although dietary supplements marketed as “male enhancement” are frequently recalled for containing sildenafil (better known as Viagra), only one of the five such products sampled still had the prescription product in it.

If the FDA intends to protect the American public from products that could ply them with unknown prescription medications, Cohen wrote, it will need to increase its enforcement of supplement recalls and may need additional powers or resources to do the job.

(c)2014 Los Angeles Times

Visit the Los Angeles Times at www.latimes.com


A little hump day motivation

This guy attempts to race a subway train by getting off on one exit, then sprinting it, balls-out, through the city, to the next station to get on the same car.

Race The Tube – Sprint – YouTube.

QUIET! I’m trying to SLEEP!


It’s more important than most people think. Have you ever heard someone say, “I only need four hours of sleep”?

While they may think they’re being truthful, they are not exactly correct. The fact is, your body needs many hours of sleep in order to function at its optimum. If someone seems to be operating just fine on 4-5 hours of sleep, they will still be better off and even more productive if they were to get a full eight hours.

We physical fitness freaks have long known how important sleep is to recovery. We know that growth and repair only happens at rest; particularly when you sleep. Don’t get enough sleep and your gains go backward due to overtraining also known as under recovering. It is also understood that those who sleep less tend to be fatter, and have a harder time getting rid of body fat.

But what else does a lack of sleep impact besides your muscles, tendons, and body fat?

Recent discoveries have shown that not getting enough sleep can cause permanent damage to brain cells and that making up sleep in the following days is actually ineffective in reversing the brain damage.

Sleep is so important to every-day functioning that the The American Academy of Pediatricians has recently suggested that schools push their start times later in the morning due to the teen agers’ circadian rhythm.

“…anything less than 8.5 hours to nine hours a night on school days—can contribute to health issues such as obesity, diabetes, mood changes and behavior problems.”

Read more about the AAP’s suggestion for schools to start later as opposed to suggesting teens go to bed earlier:
Time.com: “School Should Start Later” Click here.

Read more about how the body and nervous system need lots of sleep for recovery from exercise.

Sportsmedicine.about.com: “Do Athletes Need Extra Sleep” Click here.

Bodybuilding.com: “The Importance Of Sleep!” And here.

“New York Times: “Sleep After Hard Workouts? You Must Be Dreaming” And also here.

How many hours do you get? How are your workouts? How about your alertness and ability to think? Let me know in the comments!

– bum


Are you sure you need to be Gluten-Free?

Americans Spend Over  .2 Billion Per Year on Gluten-Free Food

Are you “Gluten-Free”? Do you avoid the normal foods healthy people eat because “gluten is unhealthy” or “gluten makes you fat” or your body simply can’t tolerate gluten?

If your body can’t tolerate gluten, then you’re certainly aware of the rare disease that you have. You are part of the rare 1% that have Celiac. I feel for you. How long ago were you diagnosed?

Celiac disease is a rare condition where an individual experiences an immune reaction to eating gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye – which is completely reasonable to consume unless one has this condition. But many people declare themselves “gluten-free” even if they don’t suffer from Celiac.

Here at 10in30, we believe in logic, simplicity, common sense. We eat protein. We eat carbs. We workout hard. Carbs from wheat allow us to workout hard. We don’t make excuses, and we don’t make ourselves out to be victims of diseases we don’t have.

If you do have Celiac disease, gluten-free is something that you unfortunately have to deal with. But before helping out the economy by spending your hard-earned money on gluten-free foods, and also sacrificing progress in your body transformation, how about you get tested. You probably don’t have it. (only 1%, remember?) 

Read more: Americans Spend Over $4.2 Billion Per Year on Gluten-Free Food.