Are you sure you need to be Gluten-Free?

Americans Spend Over  .2 Billion Per Year on Gluten-Free Food

Are you “Gluten-Free”? Do you avoid the normal foods healthy people eat because “gluten is unhealthy” or “gluten makes you fat” or your body simply can’t tolerate gluten?

If your body can’t tolerate gluten, then you’re certainly aware of the rare disease that you have. You are part of the rare 1% that have Celiac. I feel for you. How long ago were you diagnosed?

Celiac disease is a rare condition where an individual experiences an immune reaction to eating gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye – which is completely reasonable to consume unless one has this condition. But many people declare themselves “gluten-free” even if they don’t suffer from Celiac.

Here at 10in30, we believe in logic, simplicity, common sense. We eat protein. We eat carbs. We workout hard. Carbs from wheat allow us to workout hard. We don’t make excuses, and we don’t make ourselves out to be victims of diseases we don’t have.

If you do have Celiac disease, gluten-free is something that you unfortunately have to deal with. But before helping out the economy by spending your hard-earned money on gluten-free foods, and also sacrificing progress in your body transformation, how about you get tested. You probably don’t have it. (only 1%, remember?) 

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Get motivated, do a lot, work that body!


Great week (again)! Monday, the 29th, I had dropped to just under 170 (169), so I decided to eat more calories and do some of the 10 in 30 workouts again. In case you hadn’t read the previous posts, I had already reached my 10 pounds goal, so I am in my fat cutting mode for a while.

Therefore, I did the straight Back workout from the 10 in 30 manual. Fricken great! Felt amazing afterward. You know you get really great workouts with these, and you can feel them. I had been doing a circuit mix for the purpose of fat cutting so I never felt like my muscle were being pushed to the max and were gaining size. Perhaps maintaining, but not necessarily growing. With this Back workout, I clearly felt my back muscles completely worked out. I also saw my biceps trying to burst out of my arms the following days! Kick, ass.

Tuesday, I did Legs again from the 10 in 30 plan. Equally fantastic. Felt awesome going up the stairs at work.

Wednesday, was my mother’s birthday, and I was kind of underslept, so I rested with no workout.


She's going real high, real deep!

Thursday, I did 100 deep pushups at the gym using two high steps with my feet on a bench. In between sets I did the full NEW Ab workout. I really love PLANK MADNESS. I know it might look funny thrusting your hips up and down, especially during the straight planks but just try them! Do this after all of the other crunches as you should be doing them in order, and tell me how that feels!

Friday is the greatest day of the week; Shoulder Day! Again, straight from the improved 10 in 30 plan. As I write this, it’s actually Saturday and yesterday was Shoulder Day. Today, I can feel my triceps bulging out and my Bi’s are looking fricken great even when I’m not flexing! Not to mention, my forearm muscles are getting quite cut as well. This is mostly do to a new device I created for training the forearms. I did them a few times during the week while driving home. I feel like I’m strumming a guitar with my outer forearms muscles!

Saturday, (today) I did a light Circuit of Smith squats, standing calves, and leg raises on the pullup bar using the ab sleeves. 3 sets. I followed this by a run with 3 hardcore, leave it all behind, take no prisoners, “fuck! my heart’s about to burst” sprints. Sprints were in addition to around 10 minutes of regular running including downhill running on the balls of my feet (not the feet of my balls). I only sprint on an uphill to maximize the intensity, so I have to return by going downhill, right? See how that works? So, since there is little “resistance” going downhill, I resort to kicking my feet straight up like goose-step-running with only the balls of my feet hitting the ground. This strengthens my calves big-time despite looking ridiculous. I also lean back (toward the top of the slight hill) and rotate my upper body left and right in an exaggerated pump motion. This works out my core and yours too. In between sprints, I either jogged lightly or had to walk briskly but began running as soon as I could.

When you sprint while doing HIIT, be sure to USE YOUR ENTIRE BODY. “But how?” asks Biff, the perpetual questionéer.

  • Pump your arms forcefully up in front of you and lift your elbow high all the way back behind you
  • Tighten the hell out of your abs which you’ll have to do anyway if you’re running uphill as you should
  • Lift your knees up high in front of you to engage your lower abs
  • Land with your heel and rock to the ball of your foot which will launch you with great force (calves, baby)
  • Lift your leg high behind you (hamstrings and buttocks muscles)

Got it, Biff? You’re doing well. (pats Biff on the head)

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When you mess up.

What kind of a person are you—a quitter or a keep-onner?

I often hear people say things like, “Well, I already messed up my diet in the morning, so there goes that! I guess I can eat whatever I want now.” They somehow justify being bad for the entire day because they messed up once. This is also applied to many other things in life, not just diet and workouts. I don’t get this. Is it the quitter types that think this way? Is it the person that is just looking for an excuse to quit? “Whew! I’m so glad I messed up,” he thinks, “Now I have an excuse to not even try for the rest of the day.” What’s up with that?

Keep on keeping on!
If you do happen to mess up on one meal, or miss one workout, don’t let the quitter thought emerge. Don’t let that be an excuse to eat like a friggin pig the rest of the day as if you did something to deserve it. What did you do? You fucked up. So you get rewarded? wtf? How about, you give yourself a reward on Sunday after you’ve been bad-ass with your diet and workouts the rest of the week? Sounds better, right?

If you do have a “bad” breakfast with too much fat or sugar or something, you can still offset it or even completely undo it and still come out on top for that day. Calories in versus calories out, remember? So, you can eat something bad like chili fries or some cake for someone’s birthday at work, or a high-calorie and high sugar Cadillac Margarita (my favorite), and still be ok by the end of the day or the next. How? Well you know that you’re just going to have that many more bad calories to burn off that day. No problem; Calories in versus calories out. Double your HIT cardio into two sessions that day or the next and be good the rest of the week.

It’s important not to be a Nazi about your diet and end up being anti-social. If it’s someone’s birthday, and your co-workers are going out and will have drinks, and cake, be sure to join them and don’t make a big issue about your diet. Keep it lo-pro! keep it to a minimum without letting people know you’re doing that and don’t mention anything about your diet, or something silly like, “Well, I’m just going to have to run extra long tonight!” Why make those that are going to eat big portions feel bad? It’s a birthday celebration, stupid! haha Just be cool about it and especially, don’t be preachy.

Same goes for your workouts. You have a bad week or weekend like me in Vegas, well pick up where you left off and work a little harder each time during the following week. Don’t resort to shooting yourself in the foot by not working out the whole damn week because you messed up the first half. It’s so easy to lose muscle, yet so hard to gain muscle and even harder to lose fat, right?! So don’t give that fact a boost by loosing an entire week!

Cheers, keep-onners!


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Thurs, Nov 11: Another Circuit- Legs, Chest, and Back

Another circuit today. Mixed it up with Legs, Chest, and Back. Push/pull baby!

Deadlifts 3x
Pullups – Added assisted pullups after maxing out on regular ones 4x
Incline Bench on Hammer Machine 4x
Pushups 3x
Narrow Rows 3x, Wide rows 2x
Cable Xovers 3x

No cardio. Ran out of time and was way too hungry. Had a Grilled chicken caesar from Mc Donalds after my protein shake (25g protein) and an apple. 2.5 hours later, had edmame (cooked soy beans).

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FORM, Damnit! How to do Seated Rows to work out your back

Don’t lean back like her!

Once again, I saw the “bigger” guys doing Seated Rows today, using their entire upper body weight to pull the weight. And guess what, they might be big, but their muscles are not really showing.

Perhaps they’re working out their lower back as well by leaning back. But if you really want to develop your upper back muscles, you’re going to have to ISOLATE.

Sit straight up with your back straight, and concentrate on “crunching” your upper back muscles at the peak of the row and hold for a second. And don’t let your arms get pulled forward too much at the shoulders. This can lead to straining the fragile rotator cuff muscles by them getting pulled or stretched, giving you pain in the rear delts.

Back straight, elbows go past your ribs, crunch the back muscles like her.

Same goes for Incline Bench Press. You know the weight is too heavy when you find yourself lifting your butt or your upper body off the seat. This will make your body less inclined, and near parallel to the floor. You’ll turn your Incline Bench Press into a Flat Bench Press which works your mid level pecs. If you really want to work on your upper pecs, KEEP YOUR BODY PRESSED TO THE BENCH!

Today was Chest Day.

4X incline bench press
3x incline Hammer
3X crossovers-super with bicep curls

3x Quadruple Supersets=
• barbell curls
• seated dumbbell hammer curls
• Tricep pushdowns
• Standing tricep bar extensions

Spin bike= 15 minutes HIIT

That Quadruple Superset was bomb! I had a huge pump going in my upper arms. My biceps looked like they’d explode! And I was sweating like crazy. I had virtually no rest in between the the 3 sets of four exercises. I say “virtually” because I did have to catch my breath for like 5 seconds near the end. If you’re going to do this, use a heavy weight for the first exercise and a lighter weight for the second. Same for the Tricep exercises; heavy + lighter. I was using 70# barbell + 20# dumbbells and 60# Tricep pushdown followed by 50# extensions.