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New Workout of the Week: The “666″ Bicep Tricep Massacre

Hello boys and girls, men, women, and everything in between! BUM here, with an announcement that we have the very first Workout of the Week (WoW)!


It is one of my favorite ways to blast the hell out of my upper arms when my usual gym routine is starting to get boring. It uses my beloved Jungle Gym and it absolutely MASSACRES my biceps and tricep. This homicide occurs because of the insane amount of drop sets (back to back sets with slightly lower resistance with no rest in between).

Then, after a brief rest period, we turn that sh!t up with a 10in30 coined workout method:
SUPER-DROP-SETS! These are even better than drop sets because they incorporate alternating opposite muscle exercises while simultaneously dropping resistance to max-out repeatedly.

HOW TO DO IT. Get a suspension trainer like my Jungle Gym and go to:


for a motivational video on how to be like Jason from Friday the 13th, and go after your biceps and triceps with RECKLESS ABANDON.


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Changes, Changes!

I have updated the workouts for gaining 10 pounds in 30 days. Don’t worry, not much has changed. I’ve replaced only a few exercises but I did enhance the hell out of Shoulder Day. That happens to be my favorite day because I see the most gains and results.

Monday is Back day which also includes tricep and bicep work. It has 2 tricep exercises and 2 bicep exercises. By the time you get to Friday, it will have been four days since you concentrated on those muscles. Sure, you worked out the triceps on chest day, but only with two exercises, Bench Press and Incline Bench Press. In both of those, your triceps are doing the least of the work. Your pecs and delts take up most of the work unless you use a close grip which we are not using.

Shoulder day previously had some bicep work but no triceps. Now, I added a bunch of triceps exercises in 3 sets of Quadruple Supersets. This way, you really take both muscle groups to their max many times. I did this because of the massive pump I got when I really max out both biceps and triceps during the same workout. Add that to the massive shoulder workout, and your arms will be set for maximum gains. You’ll have that horse shoe shape in your triceps in no time and your shoulders will be able to shine faster when the biceps and triceps are also pulling in opposite directions.

I also reworked Ab day to add better exercises and I removed the ball pass. It was a good follower to crunches but I felt that hanging leg raises were an absolute must as well as what I call “Plank Madness”. Planks are great for working out your obliques, while the leg lifts will blast your bottom ab muscles. You can still do it in about 10 minutes; I just did it last night and when I was done, I could clearly see my individual abs poking through. I did 2 sets.

The last thing I changed was the running on Leg day. It used to be a 20 minutes jog on the incline setting but now, I shortened it to a 10 minute HIIT session. I don’t want to spend another 20 minutes after nearly an hour in the gym. 10 I can handle.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve try this new ab workout or the shoulder day, let me know how you felt!


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Mon, Oct 25: Arm Blasters!


I received my Arm Blaster today. Perfect, because I’m planning on doing Curls around 3 times a week (as well as triceps). If you haven’t tried one, it’s worth getting because it isolates the biceps when doing standing curls. You can actually feel the biceps doing all of the work and you can see it as well. It’s not a bad idea to work out in front of a mirror so you can check your form. And, the instant pump you’re getting in your upper arms will encourage you too! Just remember to exhale on the way up, and inhale as the weight comes down. Don’t hold your breath!

I did them like this dude in the pic by using the EZ bar, except I used the close grip instead of the wider like he’s doing. (Arnold rules) A good way to really see your arms expanding is to do Super Sets using the EZ barbell curls with heavy weight (6-8 reps), then immediately grab smaller dumbbells and do another 6-8 while still wearing the Arm Blaster but this time either switch to hammer curls or straight-up curls slightly out to the sides, then finish your super set with seated concentration curls (no blaster for this one). You’d then immediately follow this with a 3-exercise super set of triceps, like rope pushdowns, barbell over head extensions, and face crushers. Remember to use lower weight for each subsequent exercise so you still do 6+ reps. 10-12 is ok too with the 2nd or 3rd sets, but you should keep the first one real heavy.

And, the Blaster is fantastic for Reverse and Forearm curls. Again, the isolation factor plays a big role. You can combine these two exercises in one, btw, just make sure you don’t use too much weight because the forearm muscles are really easy to strain. Mine is actually strained right now. I was doing Forearm curls using THIS Awesome Forearm Curling Device and went too heavy so now I get slight pain every time I use my right forearm for lifting heavier stuff. It’s been two weeks. Must remember to use Tiger Balm ’til the pain goes away.

To develop your forearms, this works really well (it’s what I use):

Gain muscle fast on forearms

Aim for being able to roll it all the way up, then back down in a slow, controlled manner. Your forearms should burn by the time you’re almost done rolling it back down and it should be difficult to finish, especially in the 2nd, or 3rd set. Do 3 sets often. I do them while watching tv on random days.

While driving, I use THESE HAND GRIPS because I tried almost all of them, returned a few, and actually purchased these a second time after the first ones finally broke.
Build massive forearms fast!

I found that these offer the most resistance for regular consumer grips and are ergonomically designed so that you don’t quit because of the pressure or pain in your palm. There are other specialty grips that offer a ton of resistance, but they’re 3X more expensive, which is why I’m going with these.

I do NOT recommend these grips:
Build massive forearms fast! Build massive forearms fast! Build massive forearms fast! Build massive forearms fast!
I’ve tried them all and prefer the Harbinger grips. I used to use the basic ones at the end but they don’t offer enough resistance and the hard plastic will make your hand give out due to pain, before your grip strength does. The first three are adjustable, but pretty-much suck. I tried the first ones at the store, and they are probably great for girls or young kids. Much too weak. Same for the third, Altus grips. The second, seemed promising, so I bought it and realized that the first two resistance bands are useless, as they are too weak. So, I only used the heaviest band which is pretty good, BUT, the design sucks badly. It’s completely NOT ergonomic. The hard plastic of the grip is too pointy and feels like it’s being pressed into your palm making it even more painful than the original basic ones. I returned this one.

Peace out, eat like a horse, and sleep like a baby!


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FORM, Damnit! How to do Seated Rows to work out your back

Don’t lean back like her!

Once again, I saw the “bigger” guys doing Seated Rows today, using their entire upper body weight to pull the weight. And guess what, they might be big, but their muscles are not really showing.

Perhaps they’re working out their lower back as well by leaning back. But if you really want to develop your upper back muscles, you’re going to have to ISOLATE.

Sit straight up with your back straight, and concentrate on “crunching” your upper back muscles at the peak of the row and hold for a second. And don’t let your arms get pulled forward too much at the shoulders. This can lead to straining the fragile rotator cuff muscles by them getting pulled or stretched, giving you pain in the rear delts.

Back straight, elbows go past your ribs, crunch the back muscles like her.

Same goes for Incline Bench Press. You know the weight is too heavy when you find yourself lifting your butt or your upper body off the seat. This will make your body less inclined, and near parallel to the floor. You’ll turn your Incline Bench Press into a Flat Bench Press which works your mid level pecs. If you really want to work on your upper pecs, KEEP YOUR BODY PRESSED TO THE BENCH!

Today was Chest Day.

4X incline bench press
3x incline Hammer
3X crossovers-super with bicep curls

3x Quadruple Supersets=
• barbell curls
• seated dumbbell hammer curls
• Tricep pushdowns
• Standing tricep bar extensions

Spin bike= 15 minutes HIIT

That Quadruple Superset was bomb! I had a huge pump going in my upper arms. My biceps looked like they’d explode! And I was sweating like crazy. I had virtually no rest in between the the 3 sets of four exercises. I say “virtually” because I did have to catch my breath for like 5 seconds near the end. If you’re going to do this, use a heavy weight for the first exercise and a lighter weight for the second. Same for the Tricep exercises; heavy + lighter. I was using 70# barbell + 20# dumbbells and 60# Tricep pushdown followed by 50# extensions.