Jack3d And OxyElite Ordered Destroyed by FDA

As I’ve mentioned before, 10in30 Fitness friends, be careful with those pre-workout supplements. Most rely on heavy stimulants like caffeine that increase your heart rate radically. Taking 2-3 times the caffeine of a strong cup of coffee in one shot is just stupid. You are putting fitness in front of health, when it should be Read more about Jack3d And OxyElite Ordered Destroyed by FDA[…]

Jungle Gym Bicep/Tricep Blasters!

Bored of your gym routine? Arms stop growing? Try the 10in30 Jungle Gym Bicep and Tricep Blasters! Build big bad biceps and trump truly tremendous triceps! Take a break from dumbbells, leave the barbell at the gym, forget cables and curl machines. You’re going to use something that weighs WAY MORE: YOUR BIG OLE SELF! You’ll be Read more about Jungle Gym Bicep/Tricep Blasters![…]

How to Make a Power Breakfast Burrito!

1. Start with a fresh green pepper, red pepper, white onion and this salsa. 2. We’ll use low sodium turkey breast, 3 eggs per burrito, and refried beans. 3. Pam instead of oil. Spray an unheated pan for one second, then heat it up under medium heat. 4. While the pan is heating up, chop up the Read more about How to Make a Power Breakfast Burrito![…]

Concentrate on what’s going into your body; not what isn’t.

On fueling your body. There are many people who are into the whole organic, natural foods thing. I cannot claim I am one of them. How can I not be into organics if I am into fitness and building my body?? Well, I didn’t say I’m against it, I’m just not that into you, Organic Read more about Concentrate on what’s going into your body; not what isn’t.[…]

Leg Workout Inspiration

So, here’s my leg workout for Tuesday. Tell me how you like it, yes? Squats: Warmup: 25 25, then 45 45 45 55 35 One minute rests at first, then two minutes for the last three sets. Hell yeahhh! Feeling good. Then, [weaver_youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdKn5WqZgzQ percent=80] [weaver_youtube http://youtu.be/oQBdrCfrr7U start = 76 percent=80] Extension+Curl Supersets! Sets of 20 x Read more about Leg Workout Inspiration[…]

Workout video. I may have chosen the wrong one.

WORKOUT VIDEO: TRICEPS TRAINING with RAQUEL HERNANDEZ I wanted a workout video to pump me up for a big CHEST WORKOUT and Youtube offers me this.   So now I have to sit through a whole seventeen minutes of this video of Raquel Hernandez working out her triceps. Thanks a lot Youtube. Thank you for making me; no, Read more about Workout video. I may have chosen the wrong one.[…]