Jack3d And OxyElite Ordered Destroyed by FDA

Jack3d pre workout

As I’ve mentioned before, 10in30 Fitness friends, be careful with those pre-workout supplements. Most rely on heavy stimulants like caffeine that increase your heart rate radically.

Taking 2-3 times the caffeine of a strong cup of coffee in one shot is just stupid. You are putting fitness in front of health, when it should be the other way around. You should strive for health by way of fitness, but the progress of your muscularity or general physique should not compromise health. You might as well take steroids if you truly don’t care about your health and only care about getting “jacked”.

As it turns out, USP Labs’ Jack3D contains a stimulant called “dimethylamylamine” (DMAA). This stimulant is dangerous when taken with caffeine which Jack3D happens to contain.



OxyElite ProIt’s so dangerous that two soldiers died of heart attacks in February 2012 after taking a DMAA supplement and a few months ago, Todd Battuello, a 34 year old healthy, fit man who lived in West Chester, Philadelphia. He was taking USP Labs’ other DMAA laced supplement, OxyELITE Pro.

The FDA ordered that all supplement manufacturers of DMAA supplements destroy the products but sources are conflicted. Some say USP Labs, the makers of Jack3D refused to destroy it and still sell it, while others say they obliged and destroyed it.


“The stimulant DMAA is not a proper amphetamine, but the FDA warns people of the extreme health risks associated with its consumption. Manufacturers claim the stimulant is all-natural, likening it to caffeine; however, the FDA claims it can “elevate blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack,” according to a recent statement.

The products’ manufacturer, USPlabs of Dallas, priced the supplements at an $8 million retail value. USPlabs has agreed to stop manufacturing products that contain DMAA, as the stimulant is illegal in American-made supplements.”

Read the rest of the story here:

Risky Supplements Jack3d And OxyElite Voluntarily Destroyed, Following FDA Crackdown On DMAA Products : Consumer News : Medical Daily.

Diet supplements to blame in West Chester man’s death?


10in30 Recommends:

If you’d like a “pump” for your workout and are looking for a pre-workout boost, I highly recommend getting the natural amino acid L-arginine. It’s the N.O. booster that is used in most popular pre-workout supplements. Other than L-arginine, they contain a cocktail of stimulants from caffeine to guarana and similar natural stimulants that you don’t need. If you’d like some caffeine which is usually safe when used in limited amounts, try a cup of coffee or a couple of shots of espresso, one half hour before your workout.

If you’ve developed a tolerance to caffeine and a cup of coffee will not give you any noticeable energy, then I suggest bringing your tolerance back down to human levels by having much less caffeine throughout the day; saving it for the half hour before workout time. In a week or two, you will appreciate and look forward to that one cup of coffee in the evening before working out.

According to WebMD:

L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body.”

WebMD also says it’s “possibly effective” for:

“…when used with hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) and glutamine. This combination seems to increase body weight, particularly lean body mass, and improve the immune system.”

Read about L-arginine on WebMD


Stay safe, party people! Please share this article and I welcome your comments below!



Jungle Gym Bicep/Tricep Blasters!

Bored of your gym routine? Arms stop growing? Try the 10in30

Jungle Gym Bicep and Tricep Blasters!

Build big bad biceps and trump truly tremendous triceps! Take a break from dumbbells, leave the barbell at the gym, forget cables and curl machines. You’re going to use something that weighs WAY MORE:


You’ll be using your own bodyweight to blast the heck out of your upper arms and get a pump like no other. That’s because you’ll do dropsets of both bicep curls and tricep extensions with more weight than you normally curl and press with your triceps. How are you going to do that, you ask?

Your lats are going to help out a bit in order to allow your biceps and triceps to lift more weight, namely YOUR bodyweight. That’s right, the lats will assist both the biceps during curls and the triceps during extensions. In fact, you will see some swelling on your lats as well.

So get yourself a Jungle Gym suspension system and do THIS:

So that you don’t have to lower the handles for triceps after you do curls like I did, (tri’s are stronger than bi’s) just keep the handles at the same height for both sets but be sure to start really low so that your triceps get a damn good workout in the first few sets. It might be too hard for your bicep curls, so use more of a rowing motion, putting your back into it and bringing your elbows back behind you a bit. Don’t row too much, only as much as you need to finish your 6 reps. Cool?

“So how many reps? How many sets? Alternating? Back to back? What will I do???”


If you are already a premium member, simply go to the premium Workout of the Week 666 page. If you haven’t chosen your user name, check your email for the 10in30 Welcome message with the subscribers only link to choose a username. Once you choose your username, you’ll have access to 10in30 Premium like this workout, charts, and the member forum where you can ask questions and connect with others doing the same workouts.

Why do I recommend the Jungle Gym vs the TRX suspensions system? Because it costs only $50 compared to $100 or more. See THIS PAGE for my writeup on the many exercises you can do with it.


I had heard many a mentions about the most hated, most dreaded guy in the gym but I had not encountered him or his evil ways in my many years of working out in many gyms. I was convinced his story was only a legend.

Today, as if I had recited his name three times in front of the gym’s nasty-ass restroom mirror HE APPEARED. (I had not, I swear!) A terrifying experience it was. He is known as:


Upon arriving at the gym, I walked over to the only squat rack and I saw that it was occupied by a man with earplugs with skulls on them. I had yet to discover who this mysterious man was nor did I care. Hoping, no—PRAYING that he was using the squat rack for squats, lunges, or maybe some heavy shrugs, I waited for his apparent rest period to end. As he picked up the bar, I assumed it would go up over his head and land on his shoulders, but to my total and complete horror, it did not do as expected.

I should have seen the signs, the clear, obvious signs: HE PICKED UP THE BAR WITH A SUPPINATED GRIP! Who picks up the bar like that when they are about to place it on their shoulders and squat in the squat rack? WHO?!

In one motion he lifted the bar to the front of his shoulders while keeping his elbows somewhere near his sides. To my utter shock and dismay, I realized HE WAS DOING BICEP CURLS! Just then a black cat ran across the weight room and a large, dark shadow with what appeared to be horns floated upward, hugging the wall, right through the ceiling. At least I’m pretty sure I saw that.

My workout had not started, yet I was sweating. I turned away quickly before he noticed me and made myself busy with forearm curls. I considered singing “La la la” but that would have been too obvious. Same for whistling.

Good thing the squat rack could only take so much, because he finished without notice, without putting the bar away, WITHOUT REMOVING THE FREAKING PLATES from the bar. No surprise there, for someone as evil and sadistic as to do freaking bicep curls in the squat rack would clearly not have the humanity to clean up after himself.

Speaking of cleaning after oneself, (no, I did not shit my pants tho I was close) I could not use the inverted leg press while waiting for the squat rack because someone failed to clean their ball of sweat left on the headrest. It looked like someone threw a grapefruit at the headrest and it exploded, its citrusy juices running down. I’d be a smart man to bet large amounts of money that it was THE SQUAT RACK KILLER who also took out the inverted leg press. Serial killers by definition do not just kill once.

So I carried on with my workout wearing a smile on my face, being glad that the horrific ordeal was over.

Today’s Leg workout:

  • Barbell Squats superset with light 75 pound, 12-step walking lunges x3 sets
  • Laying Sled Press dropsets – Heavy (fail @ 6reps) then Light (fail @ 12reps) x 3 sets
  • Kickboxing heavy bag workout – 10 minutes
  • Leg extensions superset with Seated hamstring curls x 2 dropsets each

That is all, my most trusted, honored and beloved friends. That is all.


Do not watch the video with the lights off. You have been warned.

Forever truly yours,



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How to Make a Power Breakfast Burrito!

1. Start with a fresh green pepper, red pepper, white onion and this salsa.

Green pepper, red pepper, onion

2. We’ll use low sodium turkey breast, 3 eggs per burrito, and refried beans.

3. Pam instead of oil. Spray an unheated pan for one second, then heat it up under medium heat.

4. While the pan is heating up, chop up the vegetable triad nice and chunky. Test the pan by sprinkling some water on it with your fingers. If it sizzles, it’s ready. Toss the vegetables in.

5. Raise the heat a bit and let them cook for around 3 minutes, then toss in the chopped turkey. Toss it around so it’s all mixed up. Let it cook around 3 minutes.

6. Scramble the eggs in a bowl, give your pan another one second spray, and pour the eggs in. Lower the heat back to medium and stir often.

7. Heat up another large, flat pan and when it’s ready (use the sprinkle test) place your large tortilla in it. Check it after one minute to make sure it’s not getting toasty. It should be warm, but soft so that it doesn’t crack like a tostada. Flip once.

8. Microwave around this much beans for one minute or use up another pan, but microwaving is easier.


9. Make sure the eggs and turkey are cooked well, then it’s ready to be wrapped!


10. Place the tortilla on a large plate and spread the warm, soft beans on one half of the tortilla.


11. Add your beautiful mixture.


12. Add the salsa.


13. Fold, tuck, and roll.

You may want to place it on the warm pan again while you prepare the garnishing.


14. Finish off your masterpiece with some colorful garnishings!














Concentrate on what’s going into your body; not what isn’t.

On fueling your body.

There are many people who are into the whole organic, natural foods thing. I cannot claim I am one of them. How can I not be into organics if I am into fitness and building my body??

Well, I didn’t say I’m against it, I’m just not that into you, Organic food. I choose organic foods sometimes when I see them at the supermarket but most importantly, when they make sense for my goal. For example, my supermarket has organic ground beef, but it is the fat kind. Something like 85% lean. What the hell? I only get the 96% lean. Big difference eh?

If you keep eating the organic but high-in-saturated-fat ground beef you will quickly see a negative effect in your body while I pretty-much guarantee you will not see or feel any positive difference. However, if you have been eating just any ground beef without looking at its fat content you are most likely eating the 85% variety whether organic or not. Switch to the heart-friendly, 96% lean ground beef and you’ll look and feel better quick.

I know this sounds “crazy” and ill informed but I do not notice a difference at all when I buy organic except at the checkstand. However, mess up on eating the right amount of macros, or eat too much sugar or salt or saturated fat and you’ll see the damage in a few days. Then it’s hell trying to undo it. ISN’T IT? You know I’m right! We’ve all been there. This goes back to not losing site of what your goal is when it comes to fueling your body.

You need to get certain macro-nutrients into your body every day to be healthy, and you need more of them and more kinds if your are constantly destroying your body. Yes, if you are bodybuilding you are destroying your muscle cells, but then you are repairing them and getting sexier : ).

Have you seen that guy or girl at work who is always touting how “organic” they are eating? Perhaps opening packages of organic foods during lunch, maybe trying to convince you to eat like them? How do they look? Do you want your physique to resemble theirs? Not necessarily. At least, I have not seen one that looks like they put emphasis on their physique.

The problem with many of them is that they are concentrating on WHAT NOT TO PUT INTO THEIR BODY  instead of WHAT TO PUT INTO THEIR BODY. Scary? That’s because all caps means business! If you are in the process of transforming your body, you need to concentrate on what you are getting into your body and how much of it, more than what not to put into it. Makes sense?

skinny or fitMost of the people I’ve seen that are heavily into eating organic or even worse; eating vegetarian, are not very fit. They are usually skinny. And remember ladies, Skinny is a Bad Word. Skinny means you have very little muscle which means you don’t have many beautiful curves on your strong, lean, sexy body. You know that men certainly do not want to be skinny, but women should not aim to be skinny either! Ever see skinny women with “spaghetti legs”? Basically straight tubes like Olive Oil’s legs? Yeah. Not pretty.

Back on track here. So make sure your number one goal is to put the right amount of protein and carbs into your body every day. Going down in weight? See this. Need to pack on some muscle? See this. And don’t forget fats. You need a certain amount of fats as well. Usually, taking a couple of fish oil pills and maybe some peanut butter, avocato or some tuna will suffice for your fat intake. The most important macro-nutrients THAT YOU SHOULD KEEP TRACK OF are protein and carbs. You can keep track using fatsecret.com.

What about the whole sugar versus artificial sugar debate? You already know not to eat foods with high fructose corn syrup, right? That’s the worst kind of sweetener there is. It is super-processed sugar from corn and it makes you fat, fast. “How about natural, organic sugar?” asks Biff. NO BIFF, natural sugar makes you fat too! Fact is, all sugar is converted to fat by your liver and puts you in the fat storage mode. Even honey!

So we come to artificial, non-sugar sweeteners. You may think artificial sugars like Splenda are bad, but the claims that it might give you cancer and other things are usually extremely rare, only in large doses at a time, and only tested on lab rats. Natural sugar is WAY WORSE since you see the negative results surely and almost immediately. Don’t be fooled by thinking that being fat is just unsightly; it can kill you faster than you think. So instead of concentrating on not eating artificial sugar, remember what your goal is; to put certain macros into your body.

Gold Standard Whey ProteinCase in point: Protein shakes.
Both Syntha-6 and MusclePharm’s Combat Powder use Sucralose (splenda) and only have 2g of sugar. Even the most popular protein powder, Gold Standard Whey, uses only 1g of sugar.

They wouldn’t use a ton of sugar like a soft drink or chocolate milk, even “natural organic sugar” because that would defeat the purpose of buying it in the first place; to gain some lean muscle and look good naked! : ) They would not sell very much product because most of the time, you don’t want to eat any sugar. The only exception are post-workout drinks where you actually want to ingest sugars in order to raise your insulin levels at that moment in order to help with the absorption of the very protein you’re drinking.

As a rule of thumb, stay away from eating a lot of sugar of any kind. And no, artificial sweeteners are not actual sugars but they are safe.

PEACE and good luck with your transformation!


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I grew new muscles!

So, here’s my progress as of August 10, 2012. Video is for me to look back and compare.

Just had me one of thems “BIG OLE CHEST WORKOUTS” you read about in the paper.

It was heavenly and it was demonic at the same time. Got to the gym at 9:30pm, left at 11pm after 10 minutes of light cardio on the very relaxing incline bike while watching the Olympics. Life=good.

I do chest flies a bit differently from how many people do them. Many people don’t have the cut in the middle, nor the middle pec fibers unless they’re pro bodybuilders or trainers, etc. I’m talking about civilians.

Ask me how I do them!

This is my progress post in my forum. Stop by, say Hi, and join us! You can post your own pics for tracking your results!

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Leg Workout Inspiration

So, here’s my leg workout for Tuesday. Tell me how you like it, yes?

Squats: Warmup: 25 25, then 45 45 45 55 35 One minute rests at first, then two minutes for the last three sets.

Hell yeahhh! Feeling good.

[weaver_youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdKn5WqZgzQ percent=80]

[weaver_youtube http://youtu.be/oQBdrCfrr7U start = 76 percent=80]

Extension+Curl Supersets! Sets of 20 x 5 sets for 100 reps total each! I did a set of 20 extensions, then 20 seated curls. Drop sets were used when going heavy and maxing out before I hit 20. I even did multiple drop sets ’til I reached 20 in the later sets. Also a 10 second breather pause. Just make it to 20 hard, max effort, all out reps then, SWITCH!


My “10 in 30 Calves Madness” Rests limited to 10 seconds, repeat 10 times for a total of 100 burning reps!

Then, seated 5 sets, then calves on compact sled machine 12×3 like in the video below.

[weaver_youtube http://youtu.be/T5dWsf6GmiQ start=37 ]



Workout video. I may have chosen the wrong one.


I wanted a workout video to pump me up for a big CHEST WORKOUT and Youtube offers me this.


triceps workout video, hot babe working out.

If you’re on an iPad, you’re missing out. But click on the image to see it on Youtube.

So now I have to sit through a whole seventeen minutes of this video of Raquel Hernandez working out her triceps.

Thanks a lot Youtube. Thank you for making me; no, FORCING ME to sit here and watch all of this video. ALL OF IT.

Maybe I should write a letter to Youtube on behalf of everyone who only wanted to find a workout video that would inspire and pump them up for their workout. I mean, how did they think of offering this video when I clearly searched for a workout video that would inspire me?




This is what I searched for in Youtube: “hot women working out” wtf??