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Deep Push Ups! Long Jumps! Circuit training.

She’s raising her feet to make her deep push ups even harder and more effective. Joy.

I’ve been doing a quick, fantastic circuit of different bodypart exercises including the fantastic deep push ups along with some explosive cardio. No rest until you finish #4, then rest for one minute.
Use a countdown timer.




3 sets of:

  1. Barbell Squats – As I’ve preached before, if you don’t have a squat rack use a small enough weight that you can easily press over your head when you’re done with squats.
  2. Deep Chair Push ups – 2 child chairs around 16″ off the ground + a 16″ step for my feets. Let your body go WAY down past your hands. These super deep push ups build your pecs like a MOFO!
  3. Pullups – ’til failure
  4. Long Jumps – Stand with both feet together, squat down slightly, swing the arms forward and jump as long as you can, not necessarily as high as you can. As soon as you land with both feet, squat way down to absorb the impact, then spring up like a crazed monkey swinging your hands, and long-jump again. 12 jumps, baby! 

TIP: as you land, lean forward a lot since your momentum is taking you forward anyway. If you don’t, you might feel like you’re going to fall backward when your feet hit the ground. Leaning forward on the landing will allow you to continue jumping many times in a row. These absolutely killed me.


Be sure to squat all the way down before you spring back up and swing those arms so you get distance AND height, ok?


^ These are fantastic! But you don’t have to raise yourself that high though; just as long as your chest goes really deep without making contact with the floor.

They’re also called “Atlas Pushups”, named after Mr. Charles Atlas. I actually learned these from his program too. He taught to do these morning and night. I don’t remember how many sets, but you’ll definitely see major pec improvement with these! They round-out your pecs and especially build up the sides and middle giving your chest that split in the middle. Plus, if you position the chairs so that your hands are farther out in front of you, it’ll give you the angled lines going from your shoulders up toward your center chest. That’s because you’d be doing the incline equivalent which builds up your upper pecs. They also widen up your chest by building up the outer sides of your pecs.

And she’s raising her feet higher than her hands which is GREAT. By raising her feet, she’s ensuring that she’s doing the equivalent of straight bench press instead of keeping her feet and hands at the same height, which would resemble floor pushups. The angle of the arms to the body when doing floor pushups actually give you DECLINE pushups which mostly work out your bottom pecs.

That is why you should raise your feet so that your body is parallel to the floor, and perpindicular to your arms. This way, you’ll mostly work out your MID PECS, which in my opinion, is better than working out your lower pecs. If this is hard to understand or you think I’m full of shit, picture her feet being raised even more and pay attention to the angle of her arms in relation to her body. See how her arms are rotating at the shoulders and the elbows are moving closer to her head.

Now, mentally turn her upside down. See how it resembles an INCLINE press?

Incline Bench Press


Either way, it’s the deepness of the pushup that really makes this a damn good exercise. I’d even go so far as to say…

deep push ups are better than bench press!

Me after many sets of deep push ups!

Oh my goodness. Now I’ve done it! I’ve disrespected the beloved “KING OF CHEST EXERCISES”.

WHY such a crazy idea??

Because with bench press, you’ll avoid maxing out for fear of dropping that shit on your neck! So, you’ll stop early, leaving a few reps in the tank. With deep pushups, or even regular pushups, you’ll go ’til you can’t do any more, ’til failure and then still do a couple more half way pushups just to be sure you maxed out.

Do 3 sets of deep push ups—always ’til failure—and look in the mirror when you’re done, preferably with overhead or side lighting. Pleasantly surprised? Slight chuckle? You’re welcome.


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Fri, Oct 22: 2 weeks of cardio

2 weeks of cardio

Today, is the two week mark of doing regular cardio. For the last two months, I hardly did any cardio while I was on the 10 in 30 plan as prescribed. I had done cardio once a week. Now, in the last two weeks, I have done cardio 11 times in 14 days.  I mostly did HIIT in different forms:

  • Constant speed jog, around 20 minutes
  • Constant speed jog, around 20 minutes
  • HIIT on Spinning bike, adjusting the intensity and/or speed every minute for ten minutes
  • Two sets of the high jumps and heavy-bag kick boxing, around 10 minutes
  • Step Mill on Fat Burner Plus setting for 12 minutes
  • Outdoor running including 3 all out ‘run-like-a-zombie-is-chasing-you’ sprints followed by a few ‘so-you-can-actually-breath-again-and-not-drop-dead’ walks
  • A run followed by a sprint followed by step ups during my ‘park workout’
  • Spinning bike HIIT 15 min.
  • HIIT run: treadmill incline up to 18% for 15 minutes (that’s a pretty steep incline on the super incline machines)
  • Spinning bike HIIT 15 min.
  • 15 min HIIT run incline up to 18%

I will do cardio at least 3 days a week ’til I drop my fat to 9% and watch my carbohydrate intake. I’ll mostly eat carbs for breakfast only, and after my workout. Of course, I’m not perfect, so I’ll occasionally have that late night bowl of cereal or the afternoon peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Fantastic workout. Diet: good.

Today, I had a Grand Slam from Denny’s for breakfast. It’s the one where you get to choose your items. I chose the two eggs, ham, hash browns, and wheat pancakes. Don’t give me crap about the hash browns, bitches! I don’t do this all the time! Anyway, two point five hours later I had a cup of microwaveable Minute Rice brown rice with a Starkist Lunch To Go Kit. (simplicity and convenience is the key to success!)

Tuna Kit:
Calories: 240
Protein: 18g
Sodium: 27% (dv for 2k diet)

Minute Rice Cup:
Calories: 230
Protein: 5g
Sodium: 6%

Calories: 470
Protein: 23g
Sodium: 33%

Ok, I slacked a little on the protein. No worries. 2 hours after that I had sushi. 6 pieces of salmon sushi and 6 pieces of salmon roll with avocado (the good fat), and Japanese Green Tea. This brand is crazy-good and authentic. Has that oaky taste that good Japanese green teas have.

My workout today was Back. Did fantastic, adding weight to my pulldowns and rows. I even did 3 extra sets of rows with a slightly wider jet-fighter-pilot grip attachment. First sets were with a narrow-grip. Went with a Super Set for the final biceps/triceps sets. Did a set of tricep rope extensions, immediately followed by barbell curls, then 1 minute rest and start the fuck again!

I was actually pouring in sweat from that super set. Who sweats from bicep curls and tricep extensions?? ME, BIATCHES! And anyone who works freaking hard with super sets! I made sure to max out within ‘the range’.

Then I finished my workout with a 10 minute interval training session on the spinning bike. One minute fast, one minute slow, next minute heavy resistance slow, next: light resistance slow, then heavy resistance- fast! (as fast as you can which won’t be very fast), then back to light resistance but fast, etc. Kick ass.

BTW, I’m now using the Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA’s + Creatine. I got unflavored so I can mix it with the protein. That works out fine. You especially don’t taste it when you do 1.5 scoops of protein. IT DOES NOT WORK very well when you mix it with water by itself. It tastes terrible. Maybe it’s the Creatine in it, because that Vitasport unflavored brand I mentioned didn’t have a nasty taste at all and you could mix it with only water with no problem whatsoever. Today, I mixed it with Gatorade and it was fine.

So, if you’re not going to mix it with your protein shake, then get a flavored version. I still recommend this one since it has the Creatine built-in. I’ll probably get a flavored one next and go back to mixing two drinks. It wasn’t that bad. One in the locker room before I shower, then another in the car as soon as I leave the gym. Then lunch. Perfect.


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Post One.


absOk, so I’ve been good lately. Worked out 6 days last week!!! Woohoo! This includes my Park Workout. I’ll post this exact workout later. Really love this workout as a major change to the routine. It’s a fast paced circuit workout and includes push and pull exercises as well a little legs and abs. I always leave the park feeling like my arms are going to burst out of my shirt! : ) YEAH BOY! : )

The one day I didn’t work out didn’t mean I sat on my ass eating chips. I ran, mofos! I ran a total of three times last week. WHY am I running so much when I clearly told you not to run more that once a week? Well, like I said in Workouts p.2, you’ll worry about burning fat after you’ve reached your goal. Which I have. This assumes you’re skinny. If you’re already at around 18% body fat or worse, then you’ll need to run more, fatty.

Last week, I did Legs twice (as prescribed), and all of the rest; Back, Shoulder, Chest once, (as prescribed). Not much abs. That’s cool. That aint my concern for now.

Record for Friday, October 8:
Weight: 176.2 (Yeah! First time in my life. In fact, I’ve never been more than 170 before doing this workout program)
Fat:14% (I know, I’m a fatty. that’s why I’m running more, bitches!)

How do I know these dates and stats? I keep the records in my Google Calendar. This way, I can update or read it from my phone, or work computer, home computer, etc. My paper journal goes inside the gym with me, and keeps the details; the reps, weight, etc. Google Calendar tells me how good or bad I’ve been, and if I did slack and miss a workout, I know which one I should do next.

Remember, you don’t have to keep the calendar schedule and you actually shouldn’t with these workouts. If you missed Chest day and are two days behind, don’t skip it and go with Legs because next time you do Chest, you will have done Chest around two weeks apart and that won’t work. Pick up where you left off (where you messed up) and try not to mess up again.