Leg Workout Inspiration

So, here’s my leg workout for Tuesday. Tell me how you like it, yes? Squats: Warmup: 25 25, then 45 45 45 55 35 One minute rests at first, then two minutes for the last three sets. Hell yeahhh! Feeling good. Then, [weaver_youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdKn5WqZgzQ percent=80] [weaver_youtube http://youtu.be/oQBdrCfrr7U start = 76 percent=80] Extension+Curl Supersets! Sets of 20 x[…]

Thurs, Nov 11: Another Circuit- Legs, Chest, and Back

Another circuit today. Mixed it up with Legs, Chest, and Back. Push/pull baby! Deadlifts 3x Pullups – Added assisted pullups after maxing out on regular ones 4x Incline Bench on Hammer Machine 4x Pushups 3x Narrow Rows 3x, Wide rows 2x Cable Xovers 3x No cardio. Ran out of time and was way too hungry.[…]