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New Workout of the Week: The “666″ Bicep Tricep Massacre

Hello boys and girls, men, women, and everything in between! BUM here, with an announcement that we have the very first Workout of the Week (WoW)!


It is one of my favorite ways to blast the hell out of my upper arms when my usual gym routine is starting to get boring. It uses my beloved Jungle Gym and it absolutely MASSACRES my biceps and tricep. This homicide occurs because of the insane amount of drop sets (back to back sets with slightly lower resistance with no rest in between).

Then, after a brief rest period, we turn that sh!t up with a 10in30 coined workout method:
SUPER-DROP-SETS! These are even better than drop sets because they incorporate alternating opposite muscle exercises while simultaneously dropping resistance to max-out repeatedly.

HOW TO DO IT. Get a suspension trainer like my Jungle Gym and go to:


for a motivational video on how to be like Jason from Friday the 13th, and go after your biceps and triceps with RECKLESS ABANDON.


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I grew new muscles!

So, here’s my progress as of August 10, 2012. Video is for me to look back and compare.

Just had me one of thems “BIG OLE CHEST WORKOUTS” you read about in the paper.

It was heavenly and it was demonic at the same time. Got to the gym at 9:30pm, left at 11pm after 10 minutes of light cardio on the very relaxing incline bike while watching the Olympics. Life=good.

I do chest flies a bit differently from how many people do them. Many people don’t have the cut in the middle, nor the middle pec fibers unless they’re pro bodybuilders or trainers, etc. I’m talking about civilians.

Ask me how I do them!

This is my progress post in my forum. Stop by, say Hi, and join us! You can post your own pics for tracking your results!

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Sat, Nov 27, 2010 Push/pull Circuit

Push/pull Circuit

I basically did my 100 Deep Pushups, 50 Pullups circuit but this time, I did Deadlifts for de legs. No long jumps this time. Instead, I did a ton of abs. It went like this:

Body Rows on Hz bar
Deep Chair Pushups
Bent over Dumbbell Reverse Flies
Deadlifts 6-8 reps
Abs variety (box crunches, vertical crunches, vertical toe touches, Leg Lifts, Windshield Wipers, Bicycles)
Then, repeat the whole thing. I repeated 3X, but continued with the the remaining Pushups and Pullups.

I did the Reverse Flies (or “Rear Delt Flies”) to work on my Rotator Cuffs and Rear Delts since it’s important to strengthen them when working on the pecs, remember? Great workout. Felt amazing afterward. I like seeing immediate results from doing that many Deep Chair Pushups. In this case, I can see that line I mentioned before; the one going from the center-top of the chest to a little lower near the pits. It comes from blasting the upper pecs. I also like how these pushups really give volume to the outer pecs by the pits.

I have messed up my forearms a bit. Grabbing heavy things hurts my forearm tendon near the elbow on both arms! This includes pullups and curls. I use Tiger Balm to relieve the pain but I might have to lay off those exercises ’til they heal. Damn. My grip is suffering a bit too from that. I notice it while doing the pullups and deadlifts.

Double workout.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little tired during my mid-day workout. But at night, around 7pm, I felt great, so I went with an additional workout! It was a circuit combo of arms and chest. Since I did 5 sets of bench press during the day, this time, all I did was deep chair pushups with elevated feet for chest.

Here’s my entire 2nd workout:

70# military press: 3x, 10 reps

Pullups: 3x: wide pronated grip, narrow supinated grip, narrow parallel grip

Using Bicep Blaster:
70# EZ
Tricep bar hammer curls
Supinated Dumbbells

Tricep pushdowns V-bar
Overhead tricep ext with tricep bar: only 1x (i think i forgot these after the first set)
Deep Chair Pushups – 3x

I had virtually no rest until I was done. I even did a few burpies and high jumps, but I was too dead, so it wasn’t enough to count. You know what’s cool? My daughter saw me last night as I was preparing for my workout with no shirt on, and she says, “Wow, dad, you’re looking ripped.” <– JOY. ha, the simple things that encourage us, eh?