Pop Your Shoulder, Explode Your Lat!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this warrants at least one exclamation mark, but two isn’t overkill. I’m really excited about this week’s Workout of the Week and Exercise of the Week.

This week’s WOW is “Shoulder Poppers” and the EOW is “Straight Arm Pullups”!

“Shoulder Poppers” is a workout which is meant to POP YOUR SHOULDER! OK, not in the sense that you may imagine, but it’s meant to work your delts in ways you haven’t worked them before. It is not a delt-only workout—you will do three exercises mixed with two plyo-cardio breaks to work your legs and butt, biceps, triceps, core, traps, back, and you will burn fat due to working so many muscle groups with explosive reps.


“Straight Arm Pull Ups” is one of my favorite ways to make my lats EXPLODE. I like being able to feel them with my arms when I’m walking! Try these and you’ll see.

You can see them both in the Premium section, Workout of the Week and Exercise of the Week.