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Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit

samsung gear fit

Nothing gets me in the mood to workout more than getting new gear. And playing the right music is a must for kicking me into high gear during my workout. But something that I find cumbersome is having to carry a smart-phone in my pocket despite having my awesome wireless Motorola earphones.

Now we have something that solves this problem. Samsung just unveiled their new smart watch: the Samsung Gear Fit. It boasts the latest technology of a curved, high definition screen and the watch itself can be popped out of the wrist band to allow for other fashionable and functional wearable ideas. Although, I think I would just leave it on my wrist. Seems to be the best place for me.

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I kind of like the energetic bright orange band but check out the chrome wristband as well!


“Where the Samsung Gear 2 is all about looking as much like a stylish watch as is technically possible, the Gear Fit runs with a thin and curved design that is so light it just blends into your wrist and stays out of your way. But that curved Super AMOLED 1.84-inch screen is an absolute stunner, its 432×128 resolution screen just popping with colour. “

See more on the CNET website here: Curved Samsung Gear Fit bends to your wrist and will (hands-on) 


and here: Perfect Fit: Why the Samsung Gear Fit might be a hint of wristbands to come | Mobile World Congress – CNET Reviews.

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