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Biceps Bomber

Biceps Bomber.

Aka Biceps Blaster. Isolates your biceps and prevents your arms from swinging during curls and tricep pushdowns. Without this, when going heavy, I’ve felt my lats engaging and therefore taking some of the work away from the biceps. If I’m doing back followed by biceps, the lats are already worked and that could cause them to overtrain, or like me, get lat cramps. Frown

Yes, it’s great for the triceps too!
Prevents you from rotating your arms toward your back during tricep pushdowns when using the top cable. Moving your arms back would activate the lats which is ok for extra reps but you want to isolate the triceps to really blast the hell out of them. If your elbows are too far back, you begin using your chest to pushdown as if you were doing dips.

I use them for Arms Day, when working on both biceps and triceps. And don’t forget to do wide, medium, narrow curls, and also palms down to work the forearms.

I’d go with this original model made by Body Solid. You don’t want to be stuck with an inferior imitation that’s gonna tear or not work right.

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Product Features:

  • Webbed nylon belt and pads designed for bicep workouts
  • Isolates your arms and shoulders while you perform curls
  • Locks back and elbows in perfect curling position for efficiency
  • Nylon belt offers 1,000-pound capacity; oversized neoprene neck pad
  • Dense elbow pads offer comfort and stability; lifetime warranty
Take your arm workouts to the NEXT LEVEL!

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