March 5, 2011

Heavy Band

Resistance Band SPRI

Resistance Band.

So versatile, so light. Take it with you on vacation. Blast the hell out of your upper arms! Great for shoulders and lats too.
Biceps (wide, narrow; top of door toward face; on feet)
Triceps (overhead on feet, extensions on top of door, pushdowns)
Back (Flies on mid-door, Straight-arm Lat extensions on top-door)
Shoulders (Side lateral extensions, Front lat extensions, Rotator cuffs on mid-door top and sides, military press)

Alpha BRAIN by Onnit

Product Features:

  • Purple resistance band with extra-heavy resistance
  • High-quality rubber material offers progressive resistance
  • Helps you isolate target muscles more effectively
  • Comes with door attachment and exercise chart
  • Light and portable. I usually take it with me on vacation.

Buy your SPRI Resistance Band here!



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