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Iron gym Pull up Bar

Pullup Bar.

A staple of your home workout gear. This alone will dramatically change your appearance and widen your back. If you can’t do Pull Ups yet, get a pull ups assist band that you can place your foot in to help you raise yourself. The Lifeline Pullup Revolution is a good one as it lets you adjust the assistance. Keep removing bands until you can do at least 6 pull ups without assistance. Then work your way up to more pull ups. This Pullup Revolution is also great for maxing out multiple times. You know how I love to do that (Arnold did too). At the gym, I use the Assisted Pull Ups machine that adds weight, thus subtracting weight from your Pull Up. I do regular unassisted first, around 12 – 16, then keep adding weight starting from 40 lbs at 20 lb increments for another 5 sets of Pull Ups ’til failure. This band will help you do the same.

pullup revolution

I use the pull up bar in combination with other back exercises including Rows on the Jungle Gym. I usually do these variations:
Regular Wide Pullups
Neutral Grip Pullups (fingers facing each other)
Chinups (underhand grip, shoulder width apart)
Horizontal Pullups (rotate your body in the air so you are horizontal, parallel to the floor, then pull yourself up)
Front Levers or “Straight Arm Pullups” (without bending your arms so you don’t work the biceps. All Lats and Back, baby!)

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It’s also fantastic for the abs! You can do the Hanging Leg Lifts 4X as listed in the 10 in 30 workout plan. Hang by your hands first: straight legged, then knee raises. Then place your upper arms in the sleeves, and do the same; straight then bent knee, as many as you can.

Product Features:

  • No screws required. Simply hangs on the door molding. (pressure is actually applied forward against the door frame)
  • All Pull Up varieties can be done using many different grips for activating all back and lat muscles
  • Very inexpensive, very high quality
  • Comes with free ab straps
  • Manufacturer offers a 3yr guarantee

Pull Up Bar with Ab Straps only $22.99, 3yrGR. Buy it here!


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