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high aerobic step

The High Step.

This is great for Step ups with a barbell on your back. Very stable, sturdy, and you’ll have piece of mind knowing that it won’t flip over on you. I got this one; The High Step because it’s 12.5 inches tall. The other, wide Steps are only 8″ tall and even though they have more of a stepping surface, you’re not going to be doing step aerobics like the girls. So you’ll only need the 16″ stepping surface this provides for your slow step ups. The wide one costs more, too. This one could even be a bit higher so that you really get a full step up. You can always buy the additional risers; around $24 for 2 risers (adds 4″ for a total of 16.5″).

I don’t recommend doing step ups on a weight bench with a barbell on your back because the soft cushion surface makes it unstable and dangerous.
Get your High Step here! only $47.73

step up

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You can even buy this handy step with storage instead. It has the same height as the aerobic High Step above: 12.5″, but has a wider stepping surface of 20″x14″ and more importantly, it’s only $29.99. Bonus storage space inside with a pull out tray. Supports up to 325 lbs! The only problem is that you can’t add risers. If you are under 5′ 8″, then it should be ok, and you won’t need risers. I’m 5′ 10″ and I use the High Step with no additional risers just fine, but I might eventually buy the risers after all.
Get the Step N Store here: $29.99

step up
And, for my favorite Deep Pushups, these cheap plastic step stools will work just fine. They’re light and only $11.24, so get two so you can place your hands on them and go way down deep. I wouldn’t really trust them for step ups, but they might just be fine. Let me know how you like them.