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opti-men multivitaminsOPTI-MEN Multi Vitamins. They are made for body builders that are constantly building new muscle and burning a lot of calories during the day. That’s why you take 3 a day, instead of the usual 1 a day type for those with a more sedatary life.
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whey protein

Whey protein. This isn’t even really a supplement since you’re actually eating protein, not a substitute or a pill, specially if you drink it with milk as you should. Is milk a supplement? You can go with most any brand, but this one is my favorite, it’s actually won awards for best supplement, tastes great, cheapest per gram of protein, and i like the fact that it has 5.5 grams of BCAA’S.
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BCAA’S, again from Optimum Nutrition. These are basic amino acids that our bodies need especially when bodybuilding. BCAA’s help prevent your body from breaking down muscles for energy. In other words, it helps you keep the muscle you worked so hard to build. It’s even suggested to take a scoop before bedtime to prevent catabolism (muscle break down due to fasting) during sleep.

This particular one includes 5 grams of CREATINE, which is one of the very few supplements that pretty much everyone agrees on. Creatine helps your muscles get bigger by delivering water to them. The increase in water will help your muscle absorb the protein and carbs you’re eating after a workout. Take 5g before, and 5g after your workouts. I simply add a scoop to my protein shake above, before and after. I’m getting 10 g of BCAA’s which is super for muscle building!
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green tea extract

Tea Rexx green tea pills. Green tea is one of the few fat burning supplements that are well respected by trusted sources like Men’s Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health (here) and (here), and these articles from WebMD, “Green Tea Fights Fat” and “Green Tea: The Next Performance Enhancer?”. This particular brand, Tea Rexx has 200% of a highly concentrated (98%) formula of green tea extract. It also contains vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, and B12, plus 100mg of Ginseng and 100mg of L-Taurine—all help you burn fat, and get natural energy!
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fish oil

Fish oil Omega 3. Contains Omega 3 fatty acids that help lower your cholesterol, improve bone health, reduce inflammation or ‘muscle soreness’, and even helps your body reduce fat. This last benefit may be because your body is getting a daily supply of fat, and therefore does not need to hang on to other fat for dear life. Yes, this is the good fat you’ve heard about.
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If my word wasn’t enough for you, then HERE’S THIS. <– An article from Men’s Fitness entitled “The 5 Best Supplements for Men” you might find interesting. (you ungrateful and distrusting bastard!)


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