Get Huge Calves

There’s a new Exercise of the Week in the Premium Section of 10in30!

This week’s EOW is a fantastic way to build your lower legs. If you’re tired of doing calf raise after calf raise without seeing much results, you HAVE to do these. They will make your lower legs bigger and more powerful.

Get Huge Calves!

I’ve been doing variations of this and I even invented an exercise device for it (I just need an investor or someone to make it happen) and when I do, I really see a difference the next couple of days.

I want you to try it as you don’t need any special equipment other than normal gym or home gym stuff, and when you do, please leave your comment below.

A picture or video in the Member Forum of you doing it or the after pic would be great as well!

So to see what this “crazy” “secret” exercise the “pros don’t want you to see” < (LOL just kidding, I hate when I see that kind of bullshit ad writing on the internet) but really, to see the exercise, Go to the Premium section and then to the Exercise of the Week. Leave a comment or question there or here on this blog post.

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