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If you are interested in learning how to gain weight fast, you’re in luck!  You can gain 10 pounds of muscle in just 30 days with the wealth of info this site provides. I give you all of the info you need, from the right exercises in the correct order, to what to eat and how much of it. And best of all, it’s COMPLETELY FREE.

Get ripped fast! Gain weight fast. 10 pounds in 30 days!

There are other sites that bombard you with a ton of information, but more is not necessarily better. I’ll tell you that in the past, after spending way too much time reading articles, I was overwhelmed and confused about how to start. It seems like just when you think one source is correct, you come across a different source that completely contradicts it! And to make matters worse, they both seem to make total sense! A big mistake that many sources make is that they insist on giving you every tidbit of information they can  fit on their website. If you’re interested in becoming so knowledgeable that you can earn an honorary doctorate degree in physical training, then by all means, check out those sites.

My approach is a lot simpler. If you were to ask a friend that was able to gain 10 pounds in a month to give you tips, he wouldn’t give you a ton of formulas, numbers, scientific studies, and charts. He’d just give you the run-down, tell you what to do, and you’d do it. That’s what I give you here—a step by step “ ONLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ” guide to get ripped fast  without the forks in the road that force you to make decisions you may not be ready for. Think of this as an “Order By Numbers” technique similar to ordering fast food. “I’ll take the Number One.”

There’s no trick to get ripped fast. It’s about hard work, consistency, and dedication.

The combination of lifting heavy weights, the correct amount of reps and sets, as well as nutrition information will ensure you will gain at least 10 pounds, possibly more! Get started with Page 1, Nutrition for Getting Ripped Fast.  Or for more info about this site, check out this page .

This info is based on solid techniques that have worked, not only in theory, but in actual real-world practice. I’ve tried a lot of methods and techniques on gaining muscle quick and found certain methods that worked. Then, I’ve tried many techniques on losing fat while maintaining muscle as well. I document everything that was successful for me, and throw out everything that didn’t work. Don’t waste your time—I already did!

OK whatever—I want to get ripped fast! Take me to the info already!

Gain Weight and Get Ripped, don't be a skinny guy!

Put some padding on your frame!

If you are interested in doing both; lose fat  and  gain muscle, I highly recommend you gain first, then cut. It is the most popular and preferred way. You can burn your fat while maintaining the muscle you earned a lot easier than trying to put it back on after you’ve lost it.

Who am I? I’m just a normal Joe; not a pro athlete and although I did earn my AFTA certification for Personal Training, I would not even refer to myself as an athlete at all. I sit at a desk all day. Yet I was able to gain weight fast, in fact 10 lbs of muscle and also burn the excess fat. I tell you this so that you will feel encouraged and inspired knowing that you can do it too!

If you’ve ever wondered,
“How can I gain weight fast?” You’ve come to the right place. This is the ONLY site that gives you clear, honest, simple instructions so you can achieve your goals.


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