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Gain muscle Fast. 10 pounds in 30 days! Eat Quinoa for breakfast.Carbs are important
You’ll need carbs to gain mass on top of muscle. Complex carbohydrates give you the energy you’ll need to have a productive day. Your carbs should be spread out throughout the day and you MUST have carbs after a workout. Since we’re gaining weight, we’ll need carbs to give our body volume. Eat 2-3 grams of carbs for every pound per day.


So, if you weigh 150, then
x 2 = 300 grams of carbs per day minimum.
160 x 2 = 320 g.
170 x 2 = 340 g.

Eat wheat or whole grain breads and cereals, brown or wild rice, and Splenda if you have to have sweetener but guess what—white carbs like white rice, white bread, etc are fine too! If you are going to drink alcohol, keep it to a minimum since they are “empty calories” meaning that they will add extra calories without providing any macro-nutrient benefit to your body. We’re not doing a “dirty bulk” where you just eat a ton of calories because we will gain a ton of fat and you won’t be buff, you’ll just be fat.

A real good, slow release energy carb source is oatmeal. Eat two servings of Quaker oatmeal for breakfast as many days as you can. But only eat the unflavored kind—never the pre-sweetened ones. It has way too much sugar which is unnecessary and will add too many calories. You can have a different oatmeal every day by adding bananas, berries, honey & oats, cinnamon and apples, etc. Don’t add sugar. Use Splenda if you have to, but the fruit should add enough flavor. Get used to eating like this; simpler, more natural, less B.S.

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Eat Quinoa for breakfast. Gain ten (10) pounds in thrity (30) days.

For variety, try the “Mother Grain” of the ancient Incas: Quinoa. This is truly a miraculous grain! It is the only grain that provides complete protein like animal products. It has all eight amino acids found in meat without the fat or cholesterol. You cook it like rice—super easy! And you can substitute it for your oatmeal, flavoring it the same way. For dinner, you can flavor it with tomatoes and onions as a rice substitute.

Try not to eat pre-sweetened cereals as anything pre-sweetened is going to have enough sugar to power a small country. Try to stick to organic, unprocessed, natural foods that you flavor yourself. But if you love sweet cereal (like I do) go ahead and eat it, just remember that it will have more carbs due to the extra sugar, so track accordingly.

Meals per day
= at least 6.
Calories per day= (current weight) x 20
Protein per day=
40 grams per meal x 6 meals
Carbs per day= (current weight) x 2 minimum
Milk= at least four 8-ounce glasses, preferably eight glasses (half a gallon) 2% milk

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