vlad02You’ll also skip at least one day between same workouts. Don’t add curls to Legs day since it’s the day after Back Day when you worked your biceps. Remember, muscles grow when resting, so get at least 8 hours of sleep (VERY IMPORTANT FOR GROWTH! ESPECIALLY FOR BODY BUILDERS). You won’t get bigger if you don’t take those rest days.

The only exception to the rest days is your 2 Abs Days. You’ll be doing abs twice per week and they can be on the same day as another workout like in the evening if the regular workout was in the morning, or on the rest days. These will be shorter workouts, since you’re only doing abs. I usually do 10-12 minutes, and that’s it! It’s actually enough to really feel your abs worked out.

Do only the cardio exercises in the Leg Day workouts twice per week for these 30 days. If you prefer to run on a different day, then don’t run on Leg day. And notice that the 2nd Leg day does not include a very intense cardio workout. It’s more of a calves/legs supplement. This is to avoid losing muscle as well. You’ll worry about burning the fat after your “gain 10 pounds” month.

To make sure your workout is done in around 45 minutes to an hour, use a good countdown timer. You can use your smart phone for this. There are plenty of free apps for Android phones or the iPhone. Or you can purchase an actual wrist watch specifically for timing workouts if you don’t want to risk your phone getting smashed by a pissed-off, roid induced meat-head (or by you when you accidentally drop a dumbbell on it). I use a very simple Timex I bought at Target. Remember, it has to count down, not up like a stop watch.

Very important!
Keep a journal of the weight, number of reps, and dates of your workouts. That’s the only way you’ll know how much progress you’re doing, and when to add more weight! Don’t rely on your memory. Your workout will be a lot faster when you know exactly how much weight to use instead of wasting time doing a a few “tester” sets and having to adjust the weights over and over.

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Printable Chart Page

In a Nutshell:
• 3 sets of each exercise
• 6-8 reps unless stated otherwise
• Pace: 1 second up, hold it for 1 second, 3 seconds down
• Rest: 60 seconds except where indicated otherwise, and Abs = 30 s.
• Skip at least one day between the same workouts


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