Mass building workouts to get ripped fast!

Gain muscle Fast! 10 pounds in 30 days! Killer Back Workout

As promised, these are the workouts that will allow you to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 30 days*. This is exactly what I did to gain 10 pounds many times along with the diet in the Nutrition section. If you haven’t checked out pages 1-2 of the Workout Section, please go there now.  Everything matters. The rest periods, the timing of each lift, the grip positions, and how many reps to do before you can’t lift any more.

This is a 5 day split with two leg days; meant to really put on mass and muscle. Do not alter or change the order of days or specific exercises. It is designed and laid out to allow one group to rest while you train another.

Also, be sure to take advantage of my trick to have a bigger badder workout; the intra-workout protein drink while you’re resting up for part two. It makes a heck of a difference.

If you really want to see gains, stick with this workout plan for exactly 30 days before switching to another plan. You will never see results if you switch before thirty days on ANY plan. Thirty days is just about when changes start to be noticeable but with the 10in30 GAIN plan ( this plan ) you will see major results!

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In a Nutshell:
  • Warm up each muscle group by doing 2 sets of the exercise you are about to do with very light weight so that you do 20 reps but are nowhere near maxing out. Then start your main sets
  • 3 sets of each exercise before moving on to next exercise 
  • 6-8 reps unless stated otherwise 
  • Pace: 1 second up, hold it for 1 second, 3 seconds down 
  • Rest: 60 seconds except where indicated otherwise, and Abs = 30 sec.
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Day 1. Back/Triceps/Biceps

a. Deadlifts    video  .
Extremely important exercise! Do not bend your arms. stand with feet wider than shoulder width and grab the bar outside of your legs. Keep your back straight and not rounded to prevent lower back injury. Push down with your heels to lift the bar straight up along your legs. It should actually drag up your legs, keeping contact at all times. On the way down, you can actually drop the bar (if your gym allows it and has a proper padded floor for this). At least, be sure to put the bar down completely so that in the next rep you are lifting dead weight, hence the name, and not benefiting from a bounce.

Go light, preferably with the bar only to warm up for 20 reps, then when you have the correct form go real heavy on these. Use lifting straps if possible.
Rest: 2 minutes.

b. Lateral Pulldowns . Video
Seated Row . Video
d. Bent Over Unilateral Dumbbell Row
. Video
Straight-Arm Cable Pulldown . Video

At this point

I recommend drinking a small protein shake while you take a 5-10 minute breather. I carry the Myoplex, 20g RTD’s in an insulated pouch with an ice pack or if working out at home, even better since I’ll just walk to the fridge.

f. Triceps Press on cable machine (alternate between rope Video and v-bar Video each day).
. Flat Bench Skull Crushers (to the back of the head). Video
Seated Preacher Curl Video . If no Preacher station, do Dumbell Concentration Curls Video .
Standing Barbell Curl . Video (works even better with the Arm Blaster !) Alternate with hammer curls using a Triceps Bar  or dumbbells.

Day  2. Legs

a. Barbell Deep Squats (barbell behind the neck, butt goes all the way down, chest comes close to knees) Video Rest: 2 minutes.

b. Step-Ups
With a barbell on your back, step up onto a block or step with one leg to a full standing position. Then lower yourself slowly. Keep your back straight, chest out, chin up. Do all reps of one leg, then switch legs. Be sure the step is high enough so that your thigh is parallel to the floor and knee is bent at 90° at the start.
Using Barbell: Video . Using Dumbbells: Video . Another step-ups Video for “inspiration”. (don’t get too distracted; be sure to come back) : )

Note: Don’t place the step between you and the rack. (dangerous – how are you gonna rack it??) Instead place yourself between the step and the rack and face away from the rack so that when done, you rack the barbell behind you. It’s even safer to use a cage (like the chick in the picture up there doing the squats). OR if you don’t have a cage or proper rack, use a light enough weight that you can press it over your head and simply max out by doing many more reps.

c. Standing Calf Raises on machine or Smith. Reps: 15  Video Let your heel hang low to get a good stretch!

d. SUPERSET: Seated Calf Raises . Reps: 15  Video DO BOTH OF THESE CALF EXERCISES back to back, resting after both are done.

e. Lunges (barbell behind the neck) Alternating, return to start instead of walking lunges. Be sure your knee comes damn close to touching the floor!  Video Rest: 2 minutes.

Day  3. Chest

a. Incline Bench Press Video . Using Hammer Machine Video . Seated Hammer Machine Video

b. Incline Dumbell Flies Video

c. Standing Cable Crossovers

Bring your arms out in front of you, keeping them almost straight and at chest level . Don’t cross your arms in front of your belly like most guys do. That works out your lower pecs, and we’re working out the mid/high pecs, not the lower. If you only have one cable pulley, do one arm at a time by standing sideways to the pulley, not facing away from it. Video

Peck Deck Flies (Can use a Spring Bar or bendy bar if no peck deck) Video

e. Seated, bent over Rear Delt Fly (dumbells) Seated Video , Standing Video <– Except, don’t bend your arms that much. I keep them almost straight.

f. Cable Rotator Cuff Extensions (Sides). Video Reps 8-10. Back to back, L-R, no rest (You’re resting one arm while working out the other). Do all reps on one arm, then switch sides.

g. Cable Rotator Cuff Extensions (Top). Video . Reps 8-10. Preferably both arms at the same time.

h. Flat Bench Press Video . (We started with pressing exercises and moved on to adducting exercises where your arms move toward your center line. We end the workout by going back to a classic chest press exercise as you should be refreshed yet pumped.)  

Legs Day #2.

a. Leg extensions . Go heavy enough to max out at 12. Really crunch it at the top!

b. Superset: Hamstring curls . Seated or Laying, Reps: 12

Rest 30 seconds then repeat the above 2 exercises for a total of 3x.

c. Stiff Leg Deadlifts   video.
These are different from the regular deadlifts because you aren’t bending your legs. This straight-leg positioning makes your hamstrings work hard to prevent you from falling forward. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and grab the bar just outside of your legs. Push your butt way back, keep your back arched, not rounded , and lift in a slow, controlled manner. Bar should drag up your legs like the regular deadlifts. No need to hold at the top; bring right back down slowly. Also, unlike regular deadlifts, don’t let go of the bar; keep constant tension on your butt and hamstrings by barely touching the floor or not even touching at all.

d. Standing Calf Raises on machine Reps: 15

e. Superset: Seated Calf Raises Reps: 15. Rest one minute after both calf exercises are done.

Finish your workout with Jump rope for 6 minutes, moderate intensity  or 4 sets of 20 high jumps (knees to chest) with a small hop in between. :30 sec rest.

Day  5. Shoulders plus arms – It’s Friday!

a1. Standing Military Press (in front of shoulders. don’t place bar behind back) Video

SUPERSET! Immediately follow with
Standing Upright Rows . Video This will be alternating with a. Standing Military Press, set by set so that you’re resting one muscle group while working out another. Don’t rest between a1 and a2 . Rest after both are done.

b. Seated Arnold Press (dumbells) Video Rest: 2 minutes.

c. Standing Lateral Raise Video – Reps: 10-12. Rest: 30s. Sets: 3 (dumbbells to the sides. Don’t lift passed shoulder height.)

d. Standing Front Raises Video – Reps: 10-12. Rest: 30s. Sets: 3 (dumbbells to the front. Don’t lift passed shoulder height.)

At this point
I recommend drinking a small protein shake while you take a 5-10 minute breather. I carry the Myoplex, 20g RTD’s in an insulated pouch with an ice pack or if working out at home, even better since I’ll just walk to the fridge.

The final exercises will be a back to back superset that will BLAST your arms.  No rest until indicated!
With your shoulders, biceps, and triceps worked out, you’ll have visible upper arm definition and that “pump” that everyone blabs about!

Be sure to stick with the 10 in 30 pace: 1 second up, 1 second pause, 3 seconds down. (unless otherwise indicated) You know you’re doing it right when you’re sweating profusely and have not done any cardio.

Now, Arms:

e1 . Standing Barbell Curls Video 6 reps.
e2 . Reverse Barbell Curls Video (like regular curls but with palms down) with much lighter weight to allow for another 6-8 fast reps and to prevent injury from over working the fragile forearm muscles. (1 second up, 1 second down with no pause at top). Keep wrists curled upward throughout the exercise to work on the forearms as well.

Immediately follow with
e3 . Triceps Press on cable machine using v-bar. Be sure to HOLD it at the bottom for one sec (and stare at your awesome triceps in the mirror). 6-8 reps. Video
e4. Standing EZ Bar Overhead Tricep Extensions
(or French Press). EZ bar with narrow grip is best in order to keep them elbows straight up in the air like this guy (awesome form!) Video <– Do them like this! DON’T do them like this guy: Video See how his shoulders are moving and his elbows are dropping?? He’s doing more of a Behind the Neck Military or Shoulder Press. BAD in more ways than one. We want to ISOLATE and BLAST the triceps, remember? 6-8 reps.
******Rest 30 seconds.

. Narrow Grip Standing Barbell Curls Video These will increase the outer bicep muscles and help give your arms more size/mass. 6 heavy reps.
2. Rope Cable Curls Video 8-10. Lighter weight=faster reps. 1 sec up, 1 sec down, no pause at top.

Immediately follow with
f3. Standing Single Dumbbell Tricep Extension 6-8. Video
f4. High Pulley Overhead Tricep Extension (you can use a rope or a single handle or straight bar) 6-8. Video

****** Rest 30 seconds.

g1 . Wide Grip Standing Barbell Curls Video 6. Be sure you FAIL at 6 so you have to use pretty heavy weight. Just like the narrows worked on the outer bicep area, these will work out the inner bicep areas, again giving you wider, more massive arms.
g2 . Reverse Barbell Curls (just like the first one; light weight to avoid forearm injury) 6-8 Video

Immediately follow with
g3 . Flat Bench Skull Crushers to Back of Head 8-10 Video
g4. Triceps Press on cable machine using v-bar. 6-8

****** Rest 30 seconds.

h1 . Seated Dumbbell Twisting Hammer Curls Seated on an upright bench, start as hammers, then twist into regular curls and really “crunch” them at the top. Be sure to come down slowly while twisting back to hammers. 8 to 10!
h2. Standing Reverse Butterfly Curls Hold the dumbbells together at your waist with a pronated grip (palms down, facing you) and curl them upward and to the outside of your shoulders keeping the grip pronated (palms will now face away from you). 8 to 10!
h3. Standing High Pulley Cable Curls Video

Immediately follow with: (use lighter weight for these high rep sets)
h4. Flat Bench Skull Crushers to Back of Head 12-15! Video
h5. Standing EZ Bar Overhead Tricep Extensions 12-15! Video
h6. One-arm concentrated Triceps Pushdowns 12-15! Video

YES, three sets of biceps and triceps at the end. Keep using lighter weight so you’re doing Drop Sets for the last, H sets.

And that’s it—you’re done!
Look at your triceps, your biceps, and that point where they meet your delts. Starting to form that X? Nice, eh? Now good luck scrubbing your head in the shower!

Abs and Core.

Work on your Abs/Core twice a week; once on Saturday and choose another day but at a different time than the regular workout. For example, Abs in the morning, Chest at night.

Do this as a circuit; all exercises back to back with no rest in between. Rest only 30 seconds AFTER all are done, then repeat the whole circuit once or twice. Don’t hold your breath.

a. Weighted Crunches. Reps: 16. Lay on back, knees bent, hands behind head, don’t lift lower back off ground—only shoulders come up, hold at top 1 sec , come down slowly) TIP: Do them with a weight on your chest like a heavy ball or 25# plate. Then, when you max out, get rid of the weight and max out again!

b. Hanging Leg Raises 4X! Video. You’re going to max-out 4 times! Straight legged ’til you can’t do anymore, then go ahead and do bent knee raises. Again, ’til you can’t do anymore. Don’t swing! Let your feet touch something at the bottom so they stop swinging.
THEN, get on the “Roman Chair” or “Pullup/Dip Station” Video so that your weight is on your forearms (or upper arms if using ab straps ) and do the same two exercises; straight leg raises, then knee raises ’til failure. Goal: Try to do 10 reps of each for 40 total!
> Be sure to curl the body at the abs, don’t just raise your legs using your hip flexors.

c. Machine Crunches.

Reps: 16. Don’t hold you breath, mates!

d. Windshield Wipers. Video Reps: 15 each side. Lay on the floor with arms out to your sides, palms down. Lift your legs up to 90°. Keeping your legs straight, rotate your legs to the side all the way down to the floor feeling the stretch/burn on your sides (obliques). Then bring them back up and all the way to the other side. No need to hold for one second; just move slowly and it’ll be hard enough. You can make this harder by holding a soft, heavy ball between your knees. Again, max out with weight, then max out again without the weight.

And if you’re really badass, do these while hanging from a pullup bar.

e. Vertical toe touches. Video Reps: 20. Lay on your back, raise your feet straight up and crunch up to touch your toes. Do these relatively quickly (quicker than the video).

f. Plank madness.


This will be a timed exercise. Get on your elbows as in picture 1 and raise your butt up and down by crunching your abs every second until you survive 30 seconds. Make sure you’re concentrating on contracting and squeezing your ab muscles to raise your hips. Super hard.

Then, without pausing, get on your left elbow like in picture 3 and raise/lower your hips again, every second until you hit 30 seconds/30 hip raises. When finished, switch to your right elbow and do the same. Then rest 30 seconds. Do this whole thing twice.

Wanna be a superhero? Add a weighted ball for the side raises. No ball? Raise your feet.

g. Reverse Crunches on Incline Bench.

^ See my notes about my Reverse Crunches on Incline Bench in the Youtube video description .

Reps: 12. Sit on an incline bench and grab the top of the bench with both hands. Curl your body like a rollie pollie, raising your knees so they touch your elbows. Come as close as you can, hold, return slowly.
TIP: If you can get to 12 easily and can do a bunch more—because that’s how bad-ass you are—hold a soft weighted ball or dumbbell with your feet (even 10 lbs will make a difference). When you max out, drop the weight and max out again!

Rest 30 seconds, REPEAT and HAVE FUN!


We’re going to be adding  forearms  to the abs workout. This is the best day to add them since you haven’t really used them much today.

This will also be a quick, non-stop, back-to-back superset working on the inside and outside of the forearms. The non-stop pace will send massive amounts of blood to your forearms, making them look swollen and huge as you finish the workout. The trick is to do the opposite muscles with no pauses so one rests while the other is working. Also be sure to do a FAST PACE of 1 second up, 1 second down . The man in the video examples is going way too slow. To really feel a burn from hell, GO FAST FOR THESE until failure, around  12-16 reps .

1. Barbell Wrist Curls  Seated, with a barbell, let your hands hang from your knees. Curl the barbell.  Video
2. Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls 
Same as above, but pronated grip (palms down) and you’ll have to use less weight.  Video
3. Standing Behind-Back Wrist Curls
4. Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls
 Just like before. You can do them seated, or over a bench, or over a preacher station. Arms should be perpendicular to the floor, not hanging vertically.

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