Happy New Year and try THIS for a FITNESS resolution!


Happy new year from 10in30! We hope 2017 is a great year for you and you reach all of your goals!

Did you make any resolutions? We’d like to hear them! Writing them down and making them public is a way to solidify them and help ensure you are accountable. Share your goals for 2017 in the comments below.

Are your resolutions health and fitness based? Financial? Social? Self improvement? Fun? All are valid and it’s great to have multiple goals in different categories.

High Jumps!If you are looking for health and fitness resolution ideas, here’s a reachable, simple, yet effective idea: Do the 10in30 “12 Minute HIIT” workout every morning! If you aren’t familiar with it yet, it is a simple 12 minute workout that is part of the Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days plan. You do this every day in the morning to jump start your daily fat burning.

Why only 12 minutes and what’s with the “high intensity” stuff? Studies show that performing high intensity exercise in the form of plyometrics, fast running or cycling or even weight training with heavy weights speeds up your metabolism and the fat burning continues far after you’ve stopped exercising. Here’s a great article from ACE with references: 7 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT EXCESS POST-EXERCISE OXYGEN CONSUMPTION

In the article above, the author writes on his findings:

Exercise that places a greater demand on the anaerobic energy pathways during the workout can increase the need for oxygen after the workout, thereby enhancing the EPOC effect.

(the EPOC effects is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, meaning your body is still consuming extra oxygen after your workout in order to get back the oxygen you used up thus burning calories in the form of fat)


^ The 10in30 12 Minute HIIT is as high intensity as it gets! With 30 seconds of all out exercise through high jumps, squat jumps, and pushup rows separated by 30 seconds of active recovery, you will continue the fat burning throughout the day. Latest studies have shown that a low-energy expenditure recovery interval is crucial to prepare for the high intensity interval. In fact, you might want to do nothing during your 30 seconds of recovery instead of the light jog-in-place that the 12 Minute HIIT suggests.

A study showed that subjects who recovered passively showed improvements in endurance performance compared to those who actively recovered. But the 12 Minute HIIT suggests “light jog in place” so that might be classified as “passive”.  Your choice; light jog in place or just stand around. See what feels best!

Another study on how HIIT raises your metabolism: Hormonal and Metabolic Responses to High Intensity Interval Training

We wish you the best in 2017 and thanks for being a 10in30 subscriber.

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