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I grew new muscles!

So, here’s my progress as of August 10, 2012. Video is for me to look back and compare.

Just had me one of thems “BIG OLE CHEST WORKOUTS” you read about in the paper.

It was heavenly and it was demonic at the same time. Got to the gym at 9:30pm, left at 11pm after 10 minutes of light cardio on the very relaxing incline bike while watching the Olympics. Life=good.

I do chest flies a bit differently from how many people do them. Many people don’t have the cut in the middle, nor the middle pec fibers unless they’re pro bodybuilders or trainers, etc. I’m talking about civilians.

Ask me how I do them!

This is my progress post in my forum. Stop by, say Hi, and join us! You can post your own pics for tracking your results!

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