I poop better than you [VIDEO]


Apparently, you have been pooping all wrong and in an unhealthy way. The angle of your legs at the hips determines how efficient your bowel movement will be. So, according to the research done by the Squatty Potty people, your knees need to be by your shoulders in order to relax the colon muscle and and deliver total elimination.

The Squatty Potty is a toilet stool that allows you to do this much better than an ordinary stool because of the cut-away design that let’s it position right up to the toilet. I have one and let me tell you, it is great.

Here’s a video explaining the whole thing on the TV show “The Doctors” as they have fun with the Squatty Potty:


Get your own Squatty Potty in many sizes and designs to choose that can’t be found in stores from like bamboo, wood, travel (inflatable) and more by clicking here:

Poop Better


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