Jungle Gym Bicep/Tricep Blasters!

Bored of your gym routine? Arms stop growing? Try the 10in30

Jungle Gym Bicep and Tricep Blasters!

Build big bad biceps and trump truly tremendous triceps! Take a break from dumbbells, leave the barbell at the gym, forget cables and curl machines. You’re going to use something that weighs WAY MORE:


You’ll be using your own bodyweight to blast the heck out of your upper arms and get a pump like no other. That’s because you’ll do dropsets of both bicep curls and tricep extensions with more weight than you normally curl and press with your triceps. How are you going to do that, you ask?

Your lats are going to help out a bit in order to allow your biceps and triceps to lift more weight, namely YOUR bodyweight. That’s right, the lats will assist both the biceps during curls and the triceps during extensions. In fact, you will see some swelling on your lats as well.

So get yourself a Jungle Gym suspension system and do THIS:

So that you don’t have to lower the handles for triceps after you do curls like I did, (tri’s are stronger than bi’s) just keep the handles at the same height for both sets but be sure to start really low so that your triceps get a damn good workout in the first few sets. It might be too hard for your bicep curls, so use more of a rowing motion, putting your back into it and bringing your elbows back behind you a bit. Don’t row too much, only as much as you need to finish your 6 reps. Cool?

“So how many reps? How many sets? Alternating? Back to back? What will I do???”


If you are already a premium member, simply go to the premium Workout of the Week 666 page. If you haven’t chosen your user name, check your email for the 10in30 Welcome message with the subscribers only link to choose a username. Once you choose your username, you’ll have access to 10in30 Premium like this workout, charts, and the member forum where you can ask questions and connect with others doing the same workouts.

Why do I recommend the Jungle Gym vs the TRX suspensions system? Because it costs only $50 compared to $100 or more. See THIS PAGE for my writeup on the many exercises you can do with it.

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