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Carbohydrates provide energy for a long day, especially when you’re going to be working out and burning loads of fat. However, you’re not going to need as many carbs as if you were bulking. Since you’re going to be losing weight, you’re going to have to minimize your carb intake preferably having your last carbs at noon.

Your breakfast should be protein rich and include the majority of your carbs as well. Having eggs and ham along with a bowl of oatmeal will go a long way toward your nutritional needs. But be sure you stay within your macro numbers on page 1. As you may have noticed, we are recommending a small amount of carbs, so measure accurately.

Only eat whole grains like wheat bread, oats, or Quinoa. Quinoa works double-time by providing a good amount of protein as well as carbs. It provides such high quality, complete protein as the type found in meats, that it is the superior breakfast cereal, replacing oatmeal or any other cereal. It’s also easy to cook; just like rice in a steamer or pot of boiling water. Flavor it yourself with honey or Splenda, but don’t use white sugar.

Avoid white carbs as they have been processed by bleaching or machine polishing to the point that they don’t provide enough nutrition to offset their damage. Examples are white rice, white breads, sugar, cake, etc. <– Don’t eat this, it aint worth it!

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Even honey can add too many calories so don’t think that just because it comes from bees you can go crazy. Come on we’re adults, not everything we consume has to taste like candy. But don’t worry, you won’t have to give up your extra-whip, double-caramel, vanilla-hazelnut latte entirely.

You can have one cheat meal per week. You can choose your rest day, Sunday or substitute with another day. On this day, you don’t have to watch your calories but remember that it will stay in your body unless you burn it off so don’t go too crazy!

Fats are an important part of your diet as well. You’ll notice that the diet outlined on page 1 has a lot of fat in it. Surprise! Dietary fats don’t make you fat; in fact they help you get rid of unwanted body fat since you are providing and controlling the amount of fat that goes into your body. Your body will use the excess fat as energy since it doesn’t need to hang on to every gram of fat for dear life.

Healthy fats come from nuts, eggs, fatty fish, avocados, coconut oil (one of the best fats to eat), grape seed oil, fish oil pills, and more. And don’t be afraid of animal fats! The fact is that saturated animal fats are some of the most nutritional fats you can eat! They help regulate your hormones which helps you get rid of fat and keep or make new muscle, they help your liver function, your heart benefits, your brain, and a host of other functions.

Follow the diet plan in the ebook and you will lose 10 pounds in a month!

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