In order to lose 10 pounds in a month, you will have two types of workout days; Weightlifting and Cardio.

Every morning, you will do the incredibly effective and efficient, 12 Minute HIIT workout, a fat blasting, metabolism-raising, high-intensity 12-minute workout. It is a full body workout that focuses on speed, intensity, and plyometrics.

But twelve minutes of high intensity intervals in the morning is not enough. We’re going to kill 10 pounds of fat in a month, so we’re going to have to turn it up! For three days a week, we’re going to do some muscle work. Remember that muscles on our body get rid of fat on their own so let’s build some good, lean, sexy muscle!

lack of sleep makes you fat

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we will do a variety of whole body, weight-lifting exercises in a fast, high-rep manner with short rest periods. We need one day in between workouts to let our muscles rest and recover so they can be fully charged for the next workout. The workouts are only 45 minutes or less and they can be done at noon during your lunch break or in the PM but don’t do it too late to avoid becoming too energized and not being able to sleep. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep since not getting enough sleep makes you fat!

You should have a hard time getting to the specified number of reps but you should be able to do a couple more (we’re not going to absolute failure here). Still, it should be getting pretty damn hard toward the end. Therefore, choose a weight that will be challenging enough to meet this criteria. You’ll have to experiment at the beginning ’til you know your weight amount so it’s a good idea to keep a chart and jot things down.

Here’s a breakdown in a handy chart format:

click to view the image and print it out

That’s two types of workouts twice a day, every day except Sunday. Spread out the daily workouts as far as possible so that for example, you’re doing the 12 Minute HIIT in the early morning, and the weightlifting workout in the afternoon or evening. On the cardio days, you’d do the 12 Minute HIIT in the morning, and the 20 minute steady-pace run in the evening, on en empty stomach, before dinner.

If you would rather do the weightlifting workout in the morning, then go ahead and switch it with the 12 Minute HIIT. But don’t do the 12 Minute HIIT past 6pm to avoid becoming to energized and not being able to sleep since this is a high intensity cardio workout. It’s really meant to be done in the morning so that it energizes you, prepares you for the day, and supercharges your metabolism.

If you haven’t worked out in a while or haven’t worked out very hard lately, try starting a little slower for the first week by only doing the three weightlifting workouts including the 20 minute post-workout run as these are the most critical. Skip the morning HIIT and the three cardio days in red.

On Week Two you can add the evening runs on the red days. On Week Three, you can add the 12 Minute HIIT to the red days. And finally, on Week Four, you can add the 12 Minute HIIT to the weightlifting days, completing the plan.

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