Third and final weight lifting day of the week. We’re doing some antagonist muscle group, 100-rep Supersets today! YAYYY!


1. Lunge Jumps with Dumbbells


Hold light dumbbells at your sides, step forward into a lunge like in the first pic. Then, dynamically jump up switching legs in the air and landing with the opposite leg in front letting yourself go back down again into a lunge and repeat!

No stopping; this is a continuous motion. Count Left leg, Right leg as ONE REP.

If you have a hard time getting to 20, GOOD! Rest as needed but no more than 10 seconds, then keep going ‘til you get to 20. If on the 2nd or 3rd sets you have a REAL hard time, do the first 10 reps with the weights, then lose the dumbbells and do the remaining 10 with no dumbbells. Next time, use smaller weights.

Reps: 20
Sets: 3
Rest: 60 seconds (or ’til you catch your breath. breathing should be accelerated, but not impossible to talk)

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