HIIT Running Girl!

Workout Day 2 will most likely be Tuesday, and today is a break from the gym and from weightlifting. However, you will need to run every day in order to blast enough calories and offset your intake and lose 10 pounds in a month. Here’s what you’ll do.

1. Daily 12 Minute HIIT in the morning:


2. 20 minute steady pace run in the evening.

Preferably on an empty stomach, before dinner, on a slight uphill. Run 10-12 minutes then u-turn and come back so that the total is 20 minutes. Don’t run more than this or you’ll start to lose muscle and turn into a jelly fish.

* Remember, if you haven’t worked out hard in a while, skip the 12 minute HIIT workouts for the entire first week. On Tuesday and Thursday only do the 20 minute empty-stomach evening or morning run. On week two, you can add the 12 minute HIIT morning workouts to Tuesday and Thursday, then on week three you can add the 12 minute HIIT workouts on the three workout days as well.

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