Mon Nov 1: Fat Cutting Starts. Step Mill!, Circuit.

I’m in my fat cutting mode now. You youngsters don’t know how good you have it. I’m 39 and although I am pleased with my progress, I still need to get rid of body fat. That’s one area that folks over 30 will have a harder time with. At this point, P-90 X would work well as would any other circuit-training type workout. I’d rather do my own. Today, being the day after a weekend, I had a light workout. Not feeling very energetic today.

Warmed up with 5 minutes of the Stepmill on level 5, Fatburner setting. Love this machine. If you haven’t tried one, or seen it and think it’s only for the women, you’re missing out on the BEST CARDIO, FAT BURNING machine in the gym. What constitutes THE BEST?

This machine is the best because it burns more calories per hour than any other and kicks your ass harder.  This is because not only are you getting a cardio workout, but your leg muscles are getting worked out too. So when you get off of this glorious machine, you’ll most likely be walking rather wobbly. The proof is in the pudding. Sweat pudding. Yum.

Really, everyone that does this is usually pouring in sweat within 5 minutes. But only if you push yourself hard, don’t just drop repeatedly. Concentrate on your calves pushing you up mostly by themselves, then go slow and make sure each leg is lifting you all by itself, and then skip a step to really work the butt and hamstrings. Concentrate on the butt muscles, the quads, and the calf muscles, all working hard to lift you. The presets Fatburner or Fatburner Plus are the best, imo.

Then I did my workout:

Bench Press: 5 sets with Pullups in between, wide and narrow. For the later sets of pullups, I maxed out at around 4, and then supplemented with assisted pullups for another 4-6. Still maxed out twice per set on those.

Then I did 2 sets of Step-Ups on the cable Step-up machine. Not a lot of weight, but I was sweating like mad! So, I did Chest with supers of Back, and then went all the way down south to my legs with the Step-ups. Working different parts of your body, especially upper + lower makes your heart have to work hard to send blood all over your body where it’s being used, and THIS, my sweaty friends is the key to fat burning! (one of the keys)

That’s it for weights, and since I happen to live in the land of the most unbelievably beautiful weather, southern California, I went outside and ran for around 20 minutes. It’s November, and today was 84°. Tomorrow will be 92 and Wednesday will be 94.


Sorry. Won’t happen again.

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