The ONE piece of equipment I recommend for back, biceps, abs.

Fitness and health friends, if you could only get ONE piece of fitness equipment for the home, what would I recommend?

It would have to make a big difference quick, and work more than one body part. It would have to be convenient, easy to use and light so you can use it often.

Would you like to have toned arms, a defined back, and of course your six pack shining through?

Then I recommend the standard DOORWAY PULLUP BAR!


pullup bar

Get it at Amazon! Quick, they just dropped the price to $19.95! < Be sure to get this one as it comes with free ab straps.

If you can’t do a pullup yet, no worries! It’s all about progression. Start off by placing your feet on a chair to help you a bit. You can also attach a strong elastic band that you place your knee into so it can help you pull yourself up. You then lessen the help each week by either pushing the chair farther away or getting a weaker band. Keep doing that weekly ’til you can do 6 regular pull ups. Women, I’m talking to you too!

This will give you a defined back instead of a soft, shapeless, smooth looking back (back fat, yuck). It’s also great for your biceps. It’s marketed as being good for pushups, but in true, honest 10in30 fashion, I think they don’t do much for pushups. I mean, they might help you go a bit deeper, but you can get by with doing pushups on the floor.

I just leave it up there and switch between pullups, pushups, squat jumps, leg raises. Rest 1 minute. Repeat 3x.

Ladies, don’t worry about getting too much definition. This is the same as the common concern about “getting to muscular”. You have to actively try to get super muscular. The pros go through hell, don’t think you can get like them “by accident”. That’s a funny concept when you think about it like that, right?

Abs? Yes, it is great for abs.

abs wipers, pullup bar, six pack

You can do “Windshield Wipers” or regular leg lifts.

You have to get the one that comes with free ab straps so you can hang from them when doing leg or knee raises. Once you can do many leg raises with the straps, progress to hanging by your hands like in the pic above. You can even do drop sets like I do: Start by hanging by your hands and do as many leg raises as you can, then immediately use the straps and do some more leg raises.

But be sure to do the correctly!

Don’t just lift your legs or knees, as you are only working your leg flexors (small muscles that raise your legs at the hip). What you want to do is CURL YOUR BODY at the abs after your legs are raised. Then use your abs to raise your feet to the bar. Be sure to come down slowly to make your abs work there as well!

To read more and watch some videos as well as other stuff to help you do your first pullup check my page:

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