Parkour helmet-cam

You don’t have to risk your life to have fun exercising outdoors like these guys although it looks like a lot of fun, right?


Amazing display of athleticism along with insane courage but how about not breaking your neck and instead doing the 10in30 Bleacher Blast outdoor workout?

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The Premium section also has Exercises of the Week, which show you an exercise you probably haven’t heard of, but are effective in changing up your routine. Exercises you can do outdoors include:

1. Stadium Jumps!

2. Swinging Leg Lifts!

3. Straight Arm Pullups!

4. One Legged Lunge Jumps!

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As always, be careful, especially with the jumping exercises or stepping down from the bleachers. Be sure you’re stepping down forward in a straight line instead of at an angle as you don’t want your ankle to roll to the side with the force. I recommend leaning a bit toward the inside while stepping down from any high surface. Good luck, leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions!