Morning HIIT Cardio for extreme Fat Burning!

Want to burn fat and keep burning it throughout the day? Then wake the hell up and do some HIIT Cardio on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. You can have coffee for the quick boost, but NO SUGAR. You’ll conk out half way through the workout once the sugar buzz is burned and used up.

This morning, I DID THIS:

squat jumps
sumo jumps
anchored feet situps
lying leg raises
straight-legged pikes with furniture sliders + pushup
bent knee pikes with furniture sliders

Every 30 seconds, I switched to low intensity, light, jog in place. Then, back to one of the aforementioned high intensity bastards! 12 minutes is all you need! You can do 15, but you really don’t need to. This way you can do it every morning, even on weight training days and you won’t burn out. Remember, CONSISTENCY TRUMPS INTENSITY! But intensity rules too. Just don’t burn out, ok?

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